Give Away Event & List Building Tips

I trust that by now, you know all of what it takes to build your mailing list through this sophisticated method widely known as joining Give Away events.

As these posts draws to a close, I would like to part with some tips (or golden nuggets if you may call them). Believe me, you will find them really useful!

Here goes!

  1. Always use the same gift.

Okay, not really always, but use it for a long period of time. Most marketers and active Give Away junkies believe that they should always offer something new in every event.

While they have a valid point and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, the problem is that you will find yourself drowned in creating new gifts all the time! This is going to be the case if you decide to participate in Give Away events actively.

Secondly, you will find the issue of “double leads” becoming apparent when the same subscriber to your list downloads your second gift by subscribing to your other list.

When you send a promo email out to ALL of your list, the same subscriber can get annoyed by the same emails being thrown into his or her inbox repeatedly due to the numerous subscriptions – hence the 100% un-subscription!

Besides, there are literally abundance of people online who probably have not heard of you much less download your product so you can confidently comb the net for new subscribers with the same gift. Just change your gift occasionally and sparingly and when you do, be sure you reward your current subscribers first so there’s no reason for them to opt into your list again the second time or so.

  1. Contribute your own gift.

That’s right. As in, YOU create it. Of course, you can opt for engaging ghostwriters or use Private Label Content but ultimately, it should be your name on the gift.

Don’t carelessly bundle a group of products with Resell Rights due to possible terms violation (unless you’re pretty sure about it).

But the encouraging factor about offering your own gift is because of the branding and privilege of being unique, and if you understand the true value of it, even the excuse of having no time seems lame!

You get what I mean.

  1. Join 2-3 Give Away events that are held at the same time where possible.

Not only can you build your list faster through this leverage, you only need to send one promo email to endorse ALL 3 events!

But of course…

  1. Don’t overdo yourself with joining Give Away events!

Otherwise, your email promotions will be full of sending subscribers to joining Give Away events. And when that happens, your list might just be a haven for freeloaders and phoney leads.

So do it sparingly and at your own wise judgment. Speaking of phoney leads…

  1. Comb your mailing list database once in a while for phoney leads.

Once in a while, spend some time combing your database for phoney leads. They should be deleted because they can warrant unwanted trouble such as potential theft, troublemakers and possibly hackers!

Since these people didn’t want to provide their true details in the first place, there’s no say as to whether they can be just as honest later on!

You can save some of your trouble upfront by banning common phoney names such as “abc”, “asdf”, “qwerty”, “zxcv”, “hjkl”, “aaa”, “123”, “abc”, and so on.

You might also want to ban and blacklist some domain names and known email addresses that just places your emails in their junk box, such as *

And last but not least…

Don’t forget to thank your new subscribers when they join in after the event! GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR LIST BUILDING VENTURE!

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