Fire Sale Contributions

 Fire Sale Contributions

A Great Source for Paid Leads

What better way to get highly targeted traffic other than being a contributor for a fire sale!

If you don’t know what a fire sale is, it is a special type of sale with three important characteristics:

  • Time limited (only last for a couple of days)

  • Rock bottom pricing (but full of value)

  • And it all comes with a theme

So what does that got to do with getting paid leads?

The nature of Fire Sales requires the merchant to sell tons of valuable products for a rock bottom price. Therefore, they would want to provide as much value for the prospects as possible in order to guarantee a sale.

In order to maximize the value, the merchant either:

  • Sources for products on his own

  • Or he can do it the easy way by asking contributors to add their own products to the fire sale!

If you know about a fire sale going on, what you can do is to ASK the merchant if you can add your own product as a bonus. Normally, they will allow the buyers to download YOUR product by directing them to YOUR landing page!

This is pulled off within a limited time frame so the scarcity factor involved. Paid leads are also very valuable because they are highly targeted traffic. The fact that they are willing to pay money to buy Internet marketing products shows that they are serious about making money online.

No Hard Selling Required!

One of the best things about being a contributor for fire sales is the fact that you do not need to exert additional effort in collecting paid leads.

Firstly, because people are already pre-SOLD on the idea that your product is of value and they will gladly opt-in to download your product.

You don’t need to do a lot of ‘convincing’ either on your landing page or lead-capture form. All you need to do is write a simple, “Download here, exclusively for the subscribers of the Fire Sale!” and it will suffice!

Furthermore, there is always a theme involved with every Fire Sale. A good theme ensures that the subscribers are all willing to help you out and buy your product (if they are not sold on the idea of the product’s value, at the very least, they will support your REASON for holding the fire sale and buy from you).

For example:

There was one highly successful Fire Sale executed during the year of 2007 called Send Us To U.S.

The theme was to send 3 desperate guys from Malaysia to the U.S. by funding their trip through the fire sale.

This garnered a lot of support all around the Internet community and people everywhere are contributing products and buying their package – the traffic they got is huge and if you happened to be a contributor to their fire sale, imagine the number of people downloading your product by opting in at your landing page!

Next post:  Blog Barrage.  Until then, see ya later!

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