Features Of An Excellent Ezine Article

Writing articles is key for your business in terms of getting traffic to your website and establishing credibility for you as an owner. Everyone writes articles in their own way. This piece of writing will focus on some things you should keep in mind when you want to write something that people will be able to read and soak in some important knowledge.

#1: Always Make Sure To Use Headings Like This One

You probably learned this in the course of your schooling, but it is always important to use headings in order to organize what you want to talk about. Using headings is also a good way for the reader to see where he or she needs to go in order to find the desired information. This is an excellent way to account for the reader who might decide to skim through the article or may be short on time for whatever reason because the reader saves time trying to find the relevant information.

#2: Make Sure To Underline And/Or Use Bolded Text Whenever You Want The Reader To Pay Attention To Something

Every reader is different and not every reader will take the time to read every word. It is important that you know what information you consider to be the most important and what you want the reader to soak in. Some people choose to underline, use italics, or bold certain words in order to place an emphasis on those terms. Whatever your choice, make sure that you distinguish the information that you want the reader to consume from the information that is less relevant.

#3: Use Second Person Whenever You Can And When It is Appropriate

Ask yourself something: Would you read an article if it only contained the word “I” or “We”? Probably not. Good articles engage the reader by using second person to address the reader. As a reader, you want to feel like you are being spoken addressed by the writer because it will get you more involved in the article. As a writer, it is important to know who your audience is and write directly to that audience. Writing in second person is an excellent start to that goal.

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