Cut Off Dates

Cut Off Dates

Cut off dates and limited numbers: A great place to start and really easy to slip into any sales letter for any product. The old cut off dates are probably the most widely used out of all of these methods, and they seem to still be working. All this requires is notification of your low price only being guaranteed until a particular date. These are great words to use, because if you do decide to extend the deadline, you’ll find that you can without causing a stir. Way too often recently I’ve visited sites that say the price will be going up for sure on a particular date, but it never does, and the date magically moves forward each day. Not a good way to be doing business I can assure you. This is catering more to the impulse buyers rather than adding value, but I thought we’d get that in there too anyway, as it’s worth a mention for sure.

Limited Numbers Done Right

Next up is the limited numbers method: Only allowing a limited number of people into the site at a particular time, or only allowing a particular amount of people to buy at a particular price. Again, quite widely used, and both catering to impulse buyers as well as adding value, depending on which method you’re using. Now this one I especially like. One of my previous sites has this very system up and running, where I only let a few hundred members in at a time. It’s a membership site of course, so re-occurring incomes all around for me, and it makes my members feel a little lucky. Some of them have even told me this themselves, and I’ve had requests from my list on several occasions asking when a spot will become available because they really wanted to get in.

Now you might say that I’m losing money on such a deal, only letting people in a small number at a time, but it really doesn’t happen like that. The reason the limit was set in the first place was so that I’d have time to start working on other projects and could run my other sites on autopilot, so you could say I discovered this one by accident. Don’t forget that you can always raise and lower your limits if you do try this, which I highly recommend you do try, even if limiting numbers doesn’t suit your situation, limiting numbers on a lower price, very likely will suit every situation, not to mention it always amazes me how far word of mouth travels about this.

Standard Testimonials

Next up is the hugely widespread and popular standard testimonial. I’m only going to touch on this, because there really isn’t a huge amount to say, and I highly doubt anyone out there has never seen one. A standard section of text either throughout your sales letter, down the side of your nav bar, on a separate page or a database of happy customers works without a problem and goes a long way to cementing in your customers minds that your product is good. This is especially true if the person or people writing are well known and respected in your field. Try to get in contact with at least one well-known, hand them your product for free, and request a testimonial for it.

Testimonials – But Better

Now, let’s look at the slightly rarer audio testimonials. These cement value in your product even further and increase customer confidence no end. I’ve personally looked at text testimonials before, and seen some major flaws that gave away to me, and proved without a doubt that they were faked. This pretty much put a big dent in what I thought of these things early on, and I’ve even had people come to me and tell me they faked their testimonials in the past. Needless to say I wasn’t happy about that. Granted, audio testimonials can be faked too, but it’s generally not something that pops into your head when listening compared to reading written ones, hence the big confidence booster and value adding of this method.

If you can get some audio testimonials, whether you ask people to call your answering machine and have them leave messages, or if you’re able to record over the net through voice communications, it’s well worth it. The extra effort comes in and hits your customers with a massive boost to confidence resulting ultimately in more sales and resources for you and your business. Can’t be bad.

Next post:  The Ultimate Testimonial.  Until then, see ya later…



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