Creating And Marketing Your Podcasts Easily

A lot of online business owners choose not to use podcasts in their business because they think that it is something that is ineffective and that just doesn’t work for bringing in more new traffic for their website and sales. But in my opinion, the same could be said about video marketing.

The number 3 site on the internet is YouTube – which is a video site, and is the leading video site. The number 1 PODCASTING site on the internet is iTunes, and I believe they’re the number 32 site on the internet. Numbers like these are very impressive, and it’s something that you should consider using in your business today.

Creating podcasts are very simple and easy to do. All you have to do is record yourself or conduct an interview with somebody else, and you can create a podcast simply and easily. It really is that simple. You can get a lot of traffic this way, and you will find that the more podcasts that you create, the more traffic that you will receive on a daily basis.

One thing that you will want to control is the size of your podcast. You don’t want to upload a 400MB “.WAV” file that takes a long time to download. You should convert your audio file into MP3 format so that it can be smaller and easier to upload – and download.

You can easily do this with a software called “Audacity”. Audacity is a great tool that can allow you to edit and re-record audio files, and then convert them into MP3 format. It’s absolutely free to use, and it’s a great program that you just can’t go without. You will want to start using it to your advantage starting today.

Now if you’re wondering about how you will get traffic to your website using podcasts, you should know that this is a very simple and easy thing to do. The first thing that you will want to do is to introduce yourself in EVERY podcast (for the newbies), and state your website address.

Now when you state your website address, you will want to spell it out if it’s a complicated domain name. The last thing you want is for someone to try and come to your site, and land on an HTTP 404 error message. So spell your website out for your listeners.

At the end of your podcast, mention your website again, and be sure to spell it out again. If your information is good, people will want to visit your site to get more information from you. This is where you will want to begin your selling process so that you can turn these visitors into income for your business.

After you’ve created the podcast, place it on your website, your blog, and even your email newsletter so that people can download and listen to it. This is something that is very important if you want to get as many people to your site as possible.

Podcasting is definitely something that you will want to do if you want to have the most success in your online business today. This marketing strategy is free, and it can do a whole lot of good for you and your business. Be sure to start using it today.

Good luck with using these podcasting tips in your business today.

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