Content Membership Contribution

Content Membership Contribution

Another Source Of Massive Traffic

If you have your very own E-product, you can easily submit your product to a high-traffic membership site that provides quality content.

The concept is also similar to blog and article contributors except that it takes it up a notch to E-book creation.

The nature of these content membership sites requires new content to be added in from time to time.

What better way to get your own product in front of the eyes of thousands of resellers and Internet marketers who can’t wait to sell YOUR product for their own profits (assuming that your product has resell rights to it of course).

The Members Are Your Resellers

If your E-product has master resell rights or unrestricted private label rights, you can be sure that your products will be all over the Internet in no time.

Resellers are always looking for products with a complete sales letter to it. If you have drafted out a sales letter that converts well, you can be sure that a lot of resellers will ‘cut-and-paste’ your sales letter and your E-book and sell it to their mailing list.

The same goes for certain PLR products as well.

The most important thing for you to remember is this – your books must constantly lead the readers to your websites.

Your links must be placed strategically in the E-books and as your E-books are duplicated all over the Internet, you can be sure to drive plenty of new visitors to your website – even if they are not in your circle of influence!

Next post:  Flooding Your Site With Forum Traffic & The Summary!  Until then, see ya later…

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