Common Mistakes to Avoid For Non-Newbies Entering Network Marketing

Common Mistakes to Avoid For Non-Newbies

Passing negative downline




I don’t care if you had a really bad day or your downline is your best friend since junior high. When people join a business, they don’t join an opportunity, they join YOU! It means they believe in you and see you as some kind of leader. If you pass negative down, they will lose their confidence in you and your business will be destroyed when they do the same to THEIR downline.

When you have negative or challenges, BRING IT UPLINE. Never down.

Spending more than you can sustain

If you are a leader with a large group of downline in different states around the country, you could exhaust yourself doing meetings and rallies everywhere. You may be making 5 figures, but always be careful.

Once, there is this leader who had people in another state asking him to do a rally in their town. He rented this hotel for a few thousand dollars. His people promised that they will bring more than 50 new prospects. But when the actual day came, only 5 turned up and only 1 signed up. The trip was a total disaster and cost him a bomb!

Another big mistake is spending all the money you earned on new cars and houses. But what happens if your network is not stable? There may be many leaders under your team but you will never know what happens the next day. Leaders can join other companies, they might get sick or even die! Then how are you going to pay for your new house, car or that new yacht you bought? Never spend too much. Always save for a rainy day.

Reinventing the Wheel

Many seasoned networkers make the mistake of reinventing the wheel. If your company has been established for many years or has even tapped the international market, it is crucial you follow their system as it is in line with the company’s direction and is a time-tested business building system.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. If you do, your downline may not duplicate and it will spell trouble!

Network marketing has been around for decades. Even newly startups can benefit from the experience of other companies.

Would You Leave Your Baby at home alone?

Of course not. The funny thing is, new downlines are like newborn babies! Hard to imagine, huh? I am not trying to insult anyone here, but there is a high dropout rate for newcomers and it is scary. Why does this happen?

A newborn baby if not taken care of will be a target of germs (negative energy, rejection, feeling emotionally down in the business), kidnapping (head-hunted by other companies without armed with the right information), and will cry a lot (they will whine to the upline when problems come). I have seen corporate businessmen whine like little children when they didn’t get their commission on time or the admin never replied their e-mails or even when their friends said something negative.

Downlines require your attention especially in the first few months where they are most vulnerable.

I won’t give up versus the definition of insanity

If I have a downline who is not making money and not GROWING, you know what I’d do? I’d ask him to consider other opportunities and refund his money from the company (if possible).

It is very important NOT TO GIVE UP. But on the other hand, what are they doing about it? The definition of insanity is DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS!

There are downline who just refuse to make a change in their lives to get to their goals. They change too slowly and keep doing the same things over and over again. If I didn’t have a conscience, I can keep on telling him, “Don’t worry, you are doing good. Don’t pressure yourself. You are getting there, don’t give up and keep on keeping on…”in an effort to keep the numbers up in my organization, or I could tell him the truth and say, “Look, you’re not making money here, either you shape up or shape out. We have no room in our team for people not willing to change.” Having numbers means squat if your people are not making money and are not growing.

If I scratch your back, will you scratch mine?

What if your colleague or associate who is in another MLM asks you to join them? There are times when people get so desperate for business, they go to other opportunity meetings of other companies in an attempt to recruit new blood. This is a good way to expand your network, but… most people will pitch their opportunity to you and will only oblige you mostly in an attempt to gain your friendship and recruit you instead.

The worst thing that can happen is spending a lot of money on joining fees of other companies and not getting a single one of them in yours.

You may scratch someone else’s back, but they will not necessarily scratch yours. Don’t play tug-of-war.

Placing people under people in an effort to motivate

Some people make promises to other people in order to get them to join. They might say something along the lines of, “If you join under my team, I will build one leg or one group for you!” or they will even place people that they personally recruit under their lazy downline in an effort to motivate them!

This kind of action not only breeds laziness and dependency, it even slows down their progress! Their other downlines under their group will also expect them to place people under them duplicating a hollow organization.

Even if you are in a binary or a matrix, certain expectations should be communicated clearly to downline that spillover will only occur if they meet certain conditions and not let them wait for their uplines for spill over (see my first book on the section marketing plans).

Ambiguous advertising





If you see this ad, what would you be thinking this is all about?

If I see these kinds of ads in the newspaper or online, I would be deceived into thinking someone is offering me a JOB. The expectations would be unclear and the person invited would not have a clear intention when he arrives for the ‘interview’ which will turn out to a ‘show-the-plan’.

Another problem with advertising:

Unless you have a low cost, high moving retail product that can generate quick cash for distributors, do not advertise. Most new people burn themselves out of their businesses with advertising expenses. So it is very important to train your new downline with low cost methods or your attrition rate would be rather alarming.

Not keeping the business simple

Seasoned networkers might be in MLM for a long time and may even memorize the compensation plan much better than the company themselves!

You may understand the plan but a new prospect might get too confused if you give them information overload!

Normally, for a new distributor, things must be kept so simple for them that they will believe that anybody can do this business! If you bog them down with so many details, they will sit down and think too much.

Too much analysis will lead to paralysis of the mind.

Remember: A downline’s effectiveness is only half of yours. If what you are doing can not be easily duplicated, it does worse down the downline.

Trying to turn ducks into eagles

What do ducks do? They quack.

What do eagles do? They soar.

What happens when you try to make a duck soar? They fall flat on the ground and they quack louder!

Sad to say, not all downline are like eagles. We wish they are but many people spend too much time with ducks and try to turn them into eagles. They quack too much and everyone becomes ducks in the end (like quaking about the problems in the company, spreading negative all around).

Personally, I would rather have eagles in my team so all of us can soar together.

No half way (plane taking off)

There is no such thing earning a mediocre income in network marketing or MLM.

If someone says, I would be happy to earn a few hundred bucks a month, they will most likely give half hearted effort. They don’t achieve enough momentum to get to ANY tangible income. You either go all the way, or no way at all.

Allow me to illustrate.

If a plane takes off, it needs a certain momentum to take off. Lets say if we need about 150 miles per hour to take off, you must exceed that speed or else we are not flying anywhere. It won’t take off at 140, 145 or even 149!

Just like in network marketing, only by producing top-notch effort, will outstanding results (often better than their expectation) occur.

No such thing as total retirement

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as total retirement in network marketing.

If you stop building at the deepest levels of your organization, they might start dying off one by one. The attrition will follow its way up until even your leaders might quit themselves (out of frustration or loss of income) and you will be the only one left.

Even people who have built groups of thousands can lose them overnight if they are not careful. Unstable companies or change of management can happen but with sound leadership, your people will follow you no matter which company you go to. Just make sure you take care of your leaders and especially all you new people. You can’t just leave the fate of your babies to your other slightly older babies.

Your MLM business is your business and your responsibility to get your group moving.

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