Common Mistakes to Avoid For Newbies Entering Network Marketing

Common Mistakes to Avoid For Newbies

Trying to understand everything

If you are new in your business and you sit down for days (some even take weeks before they make their first phone call) trying out the product, reading all the company brochures, understanding every single calculation about the compensation plan, memorizing all the names of the management in the company (I think we get the idea)…

This is a VERY SLOW way to get started in your business.

Your business is like riding a bike

  1. You don’t learn to ride by reading the best manual on riding

  2. You don’t learn until the moment you start peddling

  3. You learn by falling down

  4. You also learn how not to fall down after falling down the first time

Reading every single book in the industry

Most MLMs recommend a reading list and they are very helpful for new people especially if the information is factual and informative about the industry. Reading is also a very good habit to develop. But one of the major mistakes of new people is thinking that the more books they read, the more money they are going to make! Those books are mostly self-help books or network marketing self-improvement.

Most newbies spend too much time reading books for a number of reasons

  1. Overwhelmed by ignorance. Once again, trying to understand everything before going out there

  1. Overwhelmed by fear. The paralysis causes them to retreat to their books without meeting people

  1. Overwhelmed by frustration. They assume that after reading their first book, if they don’t achieve enough success, they get disheartened and feel the need for self-help more! They try another book. If they fail again, they will blame themselves again. Always remember: Books are subjective. It may work for the author but differently for another.

Doing the business alone during the first 30 days

Network marketing doesn’t care of if you are a CEO, entrepreneur, manager, housewife, college kid or a beggar. If you are new to the business you start from ZERO.

If you think you can earn a six figure income in 2 to 5 years time without following a system then you are grasping at thin air. There are people in traditional business who do make it within a few years but everybody learns from SOMEBODY and network marketing is no exception.

Here is an example.

There is this one guy who is an experienced businessman. He started in network marketing and wanted to do it his own way. He rented an office, hired a few staff, created a sales team and sent them out after spending a few hundred thousand dollars on capital alone. After 3 months, his business had nothing to show.

What happened? One of the main reasons of his failure was the fact that network marketing is not designed to run this way. His staff or sales team will not be able to duplicate the process.

There are uplines mentors to guide you and they don’t cost you any money to ask for help. I would go to them like a sick man would go to a doctor instead of an architect.

Quitting your job

Network Marketing is a business like any other business. Don’t get psyched into thinking that by burning my bridges and giving all I’ve got for the next 6 months without any financial support.

There is this saying that goes, if the only tool I have is a hammer, all my problems will look like nails. In network marketing, ANY form of financial pressure might kill your prospects because you will keep seeing them like money bags before and even after they ‘get in’.

Some seasoned networkers only ‘consider’ quitting their job when their income in their business matches at least double their current income.

Selling the business – I have a business opportunity for you

What you are doing now will be duplicated downline. Most people would agree that 80-90% of the population are not trained sales people.

Most people who CAN’T SELL, SELL things that DOESN’T SOLVE other people’s PROBLEMS, to people who DON’T LIKE BEING SOLD, who perceive you as a SLEAZY SALESMAN trying to get into their pockets.

This means that most newbie make the mistake of trying to sell the opportunity to others (who don’t like to be recruited or sold to). People are looking for solutions to their problems – therefore pitching the opportunity usually comes across to prospects as a way for the business builders to get their hands into the pockets. This usually leads to:

Begging people to join

New distributors get so hard up on recruiting people that they wind up coming across as high-class beggars in suits. They pitch and sell and pitch and sell that prospects get afraid of them. Some even chase down their prospects.

Always remember that the ball is in your court. They are the one who needs the opportunity and you are HELPING them to realize this. Don’t try to convince them. Instead, when you start helping people out of a genuine concern, dealing with their problems, they will be attracted to you and they in turn will ask you for opportunities.

Explaining the business over the phone

The purpose of a phone call is to INVITE the prospect. If phone calls can close all the deals, no one will need to hold opportunity meetings anymore or rent buildings. People will just sit at home and call people to become millionaires.

Once your intention is very clear that you are just inviting, you will not confuse people by talking about the opportunity, product or plan. Imagine, the other person on the other side will have a chance to say no to you even after you have explained everything for an hour or so and that is one thing you don’t want to have.

Telling prospects that this is not MLM or network marketing

Most newbies are so afraid or embarrassed when the prospects ask this these dreadful questions:

  1. Is this MLM?

  2. Is this one of those networking thing?

  3. Is this one of those pyramid selling?

  4. Are you trying to recruit me into those Direct Selling things?

Most will go, “Err… Um, no its not. Yeah it’s MLM but we’re not really selling… hello? Hello??”

Ever get those sinking feelings?

Never ever lie to your prospects. It reflects badly on you and people are not stupid. Either tell them up front it IS an MLM or Networking business (we should be proud that we are in a multi-million dollar industry) or turn the question around by asking, “What do you mean is it MLM, how do you feel about MLM?” Then let him or her tell it as it is. Make the appointment afterwards.

Remember: if you are shady about what you are doing, your prospects will think they will have to do the same as you if they join you.

Tricking my friends to an opportunity meeting

Another big mistake: asking your friends or prospects out for a drink then driving them to an opportunity meeting without informing them that it is an opportunity meeting.

You gain nothing by hiding things from your prospects. Be open and proud of what you are doing! You sponsor people using CONFIDENCE, not trickery.

Telling everyone what their income is

I wouldn’t answer this question at all. Why would anyone go around telling others how much money they are making in their JOB? Would you find it insulting if someone asks you what your income is in your business?

If people realize the audacity about asking one’s salary in work or business, shouldn’t the same apply in network marketing as well?

Most networkers usually go around trying to prove their worth to others so they hope by parading how much (or how little) they are making, they hope to ‘gain’ others. A successful networker radiates leadership and confidence so most people won’t ask them how much they are making. Its all about posture.

Not being yourself

This is the worst kind of disease among distributors.

Imagine if you are looking for your good buddy whom you have known since high school. Every time you see him, all you talk is jive, or nonsense. All of a sudden, you go, “Dude, I’ve got this business opportunity that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!” Your friend will think you are on drugs or something.

BE YOURSELF! Don’t try being someone you are not.

Never calling upline

Business duplicates. If you don’t call your upline, do you think your downlines will call you? Do you think it is easier to call ONE upline or having to chase after 10 downlines? 10 might become 100 and you will have a hell of a headache if you do develop the habit to call your upline.

Uplines would be happy to receive your calls because it means business is growing for them and for you as well.

Emotional Attachment

Don’t get too hard up when a prospect says NO to your business. It is easier said than done but we must realize that MLM is just like any business – mixing emotions with it is a recipe for disaster.

When a prospect says NO, we must not take it personally because most of the time they are saying no to the opportunity and not YOU. They might not believe in themselves or they might be having things on their mind at this point of time. They might say YES in the future so don’t dissolve friendships just because they don’t join you.

The worst thing can happen is that you start feeling sorry for yourself and brood or complain about the business. If you let the NOs sap your excitement, it creates a domino effect which will kill your business for good.

Using the product before selling it

One of the favorite excuses of lazy distributors is, “I haven’t tried the product yet therefore I can’t start my business yet!”

It is good to use your own product so you can have good testimonials or are convinced yourself. However, have you ever seen a man sell shoes to a lady? If you are selling a good product, its quality will speak for itself, especially when there is a demand (like ladies shoes. Do you think the lady will ask the sales man if he has tried the ‘product’ before?)

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