Common Autoresponder Campaign Mistakes

Here are some of the biggest mistakes marketers make when setting up their autoresponder campaigns.

• Providing too much free information – You started an internet business to make money, not to provide every one with a continuous stream of free information. If all you send is free information, you are conditioning your subscribers to be freebie seekers and they will not respond favorably to any promotions you send them in the future.

So don’t send multiple autoresponder messages with really good content without including a promotion within the series. You need to send a promotional email soon after they join your list but not too soon. Demonstrate value first before sending any promotions.

The autoresponder campaign I shared previously is a good one to follow as it is a good ratio between content and promotions.

• Not sending messages often enough – Although you do not want to overwhelm your subscriber with emails, you need to send messages on a routine basis with the longest interval between messages being two days at the most. If you only send out a message rarely, even once a week, your subscriber will not only forget who you are and that they did actually subscribed to your list, they may also report you as spamming them.

Send out a message every day or every other day. Do not take any longer between messages. If you know you are going to be busy, spend a day writing multiple messages and then load them into your autoresponder’s message series feature.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you are not busy right now, you should always have multiple messages ready to be sent out by your autoresponder. You never know when you might have an emergency and will be unable to write and send a message.

• Being too aggressive or too soft in your promotions – While it’s important to promote to your list, don’t start bombarding your subscribers with promotion after promotion after promotion. Otherwise, you will alienate your subscribers. If you are too aggressive, the open and conversion rates of your messages will decline. Plus many subscribers will opt-out of your list.

On the other hand, you do need to send promotions if you are to succeed. So don’t always just say something like ‘If you want to learn more about YOUR NICHE, click on this link’. You will want your promotional email to actually promote a product to your subscriber, not be just a suggestion.

EVERY message you send out should include a link to something you are promoting, even if that is just a link after your goodbye and name.

• Not sending high quality, free information to your subscribers – You need to build a relationship with your subscribers so you want to achieve a reputation of only sending high quality, free information. The better your reputation is, the easier it will be to gain the trust of your subscribers. And that of course will translate into more sales.

If you absolutely cannot write, outsource your article writing. However, only accept high quality, original articles from your ghost writer. On occasion, you may want to use a guest article. However, you should only do this occasionally as you want to build your reputation, not the reputation of another marketer.

• Not following email regulations – Email marketing is governed by strict privacy and compliance policies in every country. Make sure you know and follow them.

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