Choose Your Writing Forum Wisely – Publish W/ Reputable Establishments – Content Supersedes All!

Quality content is key to great writing and publishing with a reputable establishment is essential for your writing momentum to succeed! The Internet is such a wild, wild west of illegal activity happening to people who post their Intellectual Property on websites and blogs.

It’s no wonder that less and less people are posting anything entertaining on their blogs. There are other writers, advertisers and large commercial companies stealing ideas, slogans, and sentences, as if they wrote it! Verbiage that was written by a humble writer that felt like expressing his heart on his own blog.

This is not only happening to writers from people or companies, that reside in other countries, it is being usually being done by people who the writer dealt with at one time or another, and usually within their own country or border, local Intellectual copycats, stalkers and thieves.

Make it a point to be aware of what and where you post and publish your writing. If a friend asks you to post on their blog, politely decline and offer a link that they can utilize and have readers redirected to your website, book or to your business.

Too many times, businesses are shifty and desperate for GOOD WRITING CONTENT, and they will lie, cheat and steal to get freebies from good writers. If you are going to post your writing do so on a credible, trusted, longstanding, well established forum. Also, pause sometimes, so that nobody get used to freebies from you.

Take the time to make a business plan for where, who, and when you plan to write and get the right kind of writing exposure. There are shifty, small businesses that make a living off of stealing and stalking writers on the Internet.

These business get into pay-per-link porn business because they have gone so low in their business ethics and they are probably struggling financially so they resort to porn links for pay. Be aware, and report these businesses to the proper authorities and make the world a better place without these businesses and low-level writers.

I believe that you still need to go through the proper chains to get your writing published. I have seen so many books that are absolutely TERRIBLE, no punctuation, to having no desirable content AT ALL to read.

Unless you really know your history or really want to read something that is good, I suggest you find a good author and follow them. Good authors are known by where they have their books published, their attention to detail, and QUALITY CONTENT, every time they write. ***

It is easy to write an article of inferior quality, just because you get a bloated ego and feel that you can do no wrong. UNTRUE, even somebody that has been published before can write a lousy article, book or advertisement because they feel entitled and did an inferior job on an assignment.

Take pride in the work that you provide to readers, take pride in the time and effort that it took you to write your ad or article. Be ashamed to read articles that are plagiarized and know that low-level writers will be exposed for their laziness and effortless enthusiasm.

*I have written so much that has been published and is on the Internet, that I automatically know when my work is plagiarized, yet again. I used to get mad, now I just feel sorry for low-level writers that are dark inside, devoid of original creation, content and artistic acumen.

They probably made their $25.00 an article by copy/paste from the published words of another writer’s hard work, time investment and passion~ they stalk other good writers on the Internet. Karma comes to ALL~ even to low-level small business, and plagiarizing, small-minded, lazy writers alike.

**Remember writers, it takes hard work, a good work-ethic, and utilizing your own discipline to prepare your creativity, organization and writing skills ready for publication. You want to have yourself organized before signing your name on any book,ad or article.

You WANT be proud to put your signature, out into the world, for others to read behind a high-quality brand. Your writing is your brand, make sure that your signature displays a great brand of character and writing quality..

If you are offering a service or giving advice in your writing, make sure to provide thoughts based on your own life experiences, research or knowledge base. I can’t count how many times people have plagiarized articles, some of mine, that did not belong to them, about subjects that escapes their knowledge base and expertise.

**Writers have a mission in life, to write good, quality, distinct, engaging and beneficial content. I wish you the best in all of your writing adventures and writing endeavors!

If you enjoy writing and expressing your thoughts from pen to paper, there are a lot of wise forums to entertain! First of all, it’s not insane to expect to get paid for your writing. After all, somebody that is utilizing your writing IS getting paid, why shouldn’t it be you?

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!******

Writing especially for you, inspiring heartfelt passages daily!~ (unknown author)

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