Chased by a Saudi Sheikh With a Checkbook

I hope you’re having a great day and that you enjoyed the video case study I sent you yesterday. If you missed it you can still access if from any link in this email. I have another great story (and lesson) for you today and it’s funny one.

A few years back Kevin Harrington, one of the original Sharks, travelled to Saudi Arabia for a business meeting with sheikh.

The sheikh was fully anticipating a pitch and not really being interested, he had only granted Kevin a 30 audience.

But then Kevin rolled out his Perfect Pitch magic and in just 2 minutes he was able to completely turn the tables on the Sheikh.

The next 3 days the Sheikh was chasing Kevin around begging him to take his money and Kevin ended up leaving Saudi Arabia with a deal worth $25 million! Check out this video to discover exactly what Kevin said to the Saudi Sheikh:


Kevin will walk you through his pitch and deal… and you’ll also get free access to all the other free lessons and case studies he’ll release over the next few days. Including free access to an exclusive webinar and Facebook live session where you can ask Kevin question directly!

I highly recommend that you go watch this video today and get yourself signed up for all the future content too.


To your success in life and adventure!
Carol Mehlman

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