The History and Evolution of Search Engines

In 1990 Archie the world’s first search engine was introduced to the World Wide Web followed by other several others that did not use any algorithm to display search queries results. The commencement of the new millennium has witnessed fierce completions among several search engines for internet search. Some of the big names were Lycos, AOL, AltaVista, Excite, HotBot, InfoSeek, Yahoo, MSN and Google. The mighty Google was just another search engine trying to make a name for itself. In the year 2002 Google started to quickly gain huge market share forcing several search engines to close their doors in the following few years.

Search EnginesUnlike Yahoo and MSN Google focused primarily on being the best search engine. On the other hand Yahoo and MSN spent billions trying to be the best at everything only to realize years later that it was a devastating mistake. Google hired the smartest people on the planet to develop a highly sophisticated algorithm that produced most relevant search results in less than half a seconds, Google’s strategy proved to be the best. In October 2015, comScore reported that Google had 63.9 percent of the search market.

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Effective Use of SEO to Complement Your Digital Content

With the exponential increase of internet users on various handheld devices, SEO and digital marketing has become even more pertinent. However, although concentrating on your SEO techniques and making the most of digital marketing is recommended, too much of either one could end up having a negative effect on your business. This is because inundating your content with both could lead to a disconnect with your target demographic. Here some ways that you can make use of search engine optimization effectively and ensure you are making a genuine connection with your potential customers.Effective Use of SEO to Complement Your Digital Content

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The Main Difference Between Organic SEO and PPC

As a marketing expert with over 10 years experience in organic marketing and 6 years AdWords (PPC) experience I’m often asked the question, which is best for my site, PPC or Organic SEO?

SEO ad PPC marketingAll niches and businesses are different, so are their target customers, areas they cover and their marketing budget. A good professional marketer will analyse both PPC and Organic SEO and tell you the best option for your business and budget.

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Great SEO Tips That Will Quickly Increase Your Google Rankings

Most people who use search engines will find something they want in the first 10 results. It is for this very reason that so many never even bother to look beyond that, meaning even if you’re at number 11 but lack proper SEO, you may not get noticed. It stands to reason therefore why, every person who runs their own website wants to get a search engine ranking in the coveted top 10.

Having your site optimized for search engines can help you to achieve top rankings. To enable you to get closer to your goal of being ranked in the top 10, here are several SEO tips that can help.

Tip #1 – Create and Maintain Content that is Site Relevant

Creating top-notch content is important and you’ll need to maintain this by adding fresh content on a regular basis. It is important that the content you use includes your keywords as well.

When creating content, make sure it is easy to read and relevant, or you may lose ground in search engine rankings. When you’re writing your content, make sure that related keywords are included, which will back up the keywords you’re trying to optimize the content for.

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