Buying Position

Buying Position

In certain network marketing companies, there are some instances where the purchase of additional products and/or account will enable you to climb the ladder of network marketing success faster by giving you a jump start.

Examples would be something like this:

Buying high volume of products in Stairstep plans to start at a higher rank

Purchasing 3 (instead of 1) tracking centers in a Binary plan

Buying names of multiple accounts and stacking them under each other so
that income from the networks all flow back into one person’s pocket

This often has received criticisms within the industry and certain governments have outlawed extremely high entry fees (companies that encourage a new distributor to join at very high costs or purchasing insane amounts of products to start their business).
Regardless of the controversy, there are many, many companies that allow you to buy
positions so it is very common in the industry and your own choice to embrace it or not.

Downline Building Strategies

If I were to build a network of leaders, I would want all my downlines to move in the same direction with the same aim. I would communicate to all my people that if they want to succeed in this business, they are expected to join at the highest entry level and at the maximum auto-ship level (monthly purchases). We want to build strength and not cater to the weakness of others. It may seem harsh, but unless you are willing to pay the price, you must invest to a point it hurts then only will you have the drive to succeed.

Product Synergy

Choose products that are easy to move. In other words, if I were to come in at a high-
entry level, I would select products that are very easy to retail. There are people who
treat all their initial purchases when they join as an investment and neglect selecting the
right products. There are some who even buy all the high-ticket products only. There is
nothing wrong with doing this. Just bear in mind that in order to operate a business, you
need cash flow. Retailing products give you easy cash flow and less financial pressure.
You can also choose products that come in packages because they are usually cheaper
to buy in a set and you can retail those products separately and get more profit.

Starting your Own Company

Emphasis on buying position is acceptable as long as the products that come with it are
reasonably priced and it matches the demand in the market. As I had mentioned before,
there are many unscrupulous companies who distribute useless products. A good way to 
give more value for people is to include better selection of products in the form of
packages so that they pay the same relative value and have more products to use.

A good way to generate more sales is through converting your preferred customers into distributors by offering them the same incentive of a preferred customer with an
accumulation system that allows them to buy cheaper, the more they consume: just like a
loyalty program.

Until next post:  Caution:  Front Loading & There Dangers  see ya later…

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