Blog & Theme Viral Marketing

Blog & Theme Viral Marketing

One of the other ways to create a viral marketing campaign besides using or reselling E-books is to use blogs and blog themes to market yourself.

Here is a three step process that will allow you to get lots of traffic to your website:

  1. Approach a high traffic blogger and ask if you can be a contributor to their blog for a particular blog post or topic.

  1. Write an EXCELLENT blog post that will get people’s attention (especially on these high traffic blogs).

  1. Leave a bio box or a link that traces back to your own site.

Now, the question you may ask is, why don’t you reserve the best content for your OWN blog? Wouldn’t that brand you better?

Well this is actually selfish thinking… good things must be shared, not hidden under a basket.

High traffic blogs give you more exposure!

If you have a blog that has low traffic, it will not reach out to many people but if you give your content away to others, high traffic will get you noticed and if they LIKE your blog post, they will spread the word (using ‘social bookmarking’ sharing) and you will get a lot of traffic to your site very quickly!

You can also design your own blog theme and give it away for free!

One thing wonderful about free blog themes is that if it is given away for free and it is used by someone’s blog, a few things can happen:

  • They upload your blog theme and there is a backlink to YOUR site.

  • Those who upload your blog theme will be able to follow a link from the WordPress Presentation Theme and you can promote yourself even from there.

  • People will recommend your blog theme if it looks beautiful!

Hope you are enjoying the tid bits of information on numerous subjects!  See ya in the next post…

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