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Blog Barrage

Find A High Traffic Blog

How does one maximize from a high traffic blog when that blog doesn’t belong to you or when your own blog has little traffic to begin with? How does one cope when he is new to Internet marketing?

Well, one of the fastest ways to get started out is to search for blogs that are constantly looking for content from contributors like the blog on the previous post.

Contribute Relevant Content

Talk about Internet marketing and making money online. It provides targeted traffic for anyone who wants to learn about Internet marketing.  

If you want to divert traffic from blogs that talk about Internet marketing and making money online., what you can do is to contribute your own blog posts as a contributor.

Talk about topics that are relevant to their blog as well as your own. This is a good way to capture the reader’s attention.

You will reap the following benefits:

  • You get to tap into their traffic and drive traffic to your website

  • You get to build your credibility online because you get to leverage on their ‘authority’

  • The blog post remains there for a certain period of time ensuring that you will get maximum exposure

    As mentioned above regarding credibility, there is one section that you must take note of because it is really valuable.

    Beneath every article that you contribute, there is a section called the author’s bio. This bio books allows you to ‘sell’ yourself and brand yourself as an expert in whatever niche that you are in.

    A sample bio looks something like this:

    Article ©2007 Khai, all rights reserved. Khai is a product creation expert, copywriter and E-consultant. He has created HUNDREDS of E-products online within a span of 10 short months and has a strong passion for writing. For a dose of his writings & newsletter, check out his blog at…..

    Use this bio box wisely and you can be sure to drive tons of traffic to your website!

    Next post:  Article Directories.  Until then, see ya later…

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