Be Well Prepared Dealing With Internet Marketing

You are almost ready to begin your big adventure or to continue your big adventure better equipped and better armed. You are going to succeed!

Let’s just double check the supplies and be certain that you have what is necessary. Here is a check list of what is required to successfully survive and thrive in the Internet jungle:

1. An Itinerary: You know where you are. You know where you want to be. You have made a good and doable business plan that will get you there. Check!

2. Information: You have this information:

  • You know about the wild animals: You understand that there are lions, tigers, bears and sneaky snakes out there in the jungle and you are prepared to either avoid them or overcome them. Check!

  • You can identify poisonous plants: There are evil plants that thrive in the Internet jungle and there are medicinal plants that help you to survive. You can now identify all the varieties. Check!

  • You know what baits are used in traps: You can spot a trap and identify the bait in it without getting caught. Check!

  • You know which natives are friendly: You can easily identify a cannibal or just an unfriendly native. You can, also, identify friendly and helpful natives. Check!

  1. Help: You know where to go to look for help as you travel through the Internet jungle.

    • You know how to use a search engine to check out the validity of people as well as facts.

    • You know that attending real brick and mortar seminars that are being conducted by real (not fake) experts can help you in many ways. You will meet those who can help you in person.

4. Supplies: You should have ample quantities of these supplies:

  • Ambition: Success in the Internet jungle depends a great deal on the desire of the adventurer. Unless you want to secure a better life for yourself and for your family, your success is in jeopardy. Check!

  • Determination: A very large supply is required. You will be using your determination supply to keep yourself going when it looks like nothing is happening. Check!

  • Work Ethic: You need a really strong one. You must be willing to work as long and as hard as you need to in order to accomplish your goals. This work ethic must be strong enough to keep you from succumbing to taking ‘shortcuts’ that will, in the end, turn out to be long cuts. Check!

  • Time: You will need a lot of this….be sure to pack plenty. You are going to have to forego many pleasures in order to be able to spend enough time on your work-at-home job or your at-home business. Don’t believe anybody who tells you that you can make plenty of money by just working part time. Check!

  • Hard Work: You must be willing to do the heavy lifting required to do such things as build opt-in lists. If you don’t have enough ‘hard work’ packed, you will be tempted to believe that you can make money without having to work. You must expect to work very hard. Check!

  • Patience: The Internet is supposed to have speeded everything up…and it did speed up a lot of things. Success, however, is not one of them. You will be required to use a lot of patience as you pursue success in the Internet jungle. Check!

  • Luck: You will need a lot of ‘luck’, as well. However, you have to make your own luck as you travel through the Internet jungle. To make ‘luck’ you must have all of the other supplies in ample quantity. When you mix ambition, determination, work ethic, time, hard work and patience together in equal portions, you get what some people call ‘luck’. Check!


You have a lot of nerve! That is a compliment. It takes a lot of nerve to venture into any unknown situation but venturing into the jungle of Internet business takes a larger supply than usual.

Because you are not a person to ever be really satisfied with the Status Quo is why you have decided to look for an online work-at-home job or to start your own at-home business.

Not being satisfied with the Status Quo is an admirable quality and one that you should nurture and help to grow and thrive. Those who are unwilling to accept the way that things are now are the ones who change them and make better futures for themselves, their families and sometimes for the rest of the world.

In order to affect a change for a better future, you must have a clear plan for making those necessary changes. Remember that, ‘Those who fail to plan, plan to fail’. You must have a clear destination and a detailed plan for the route that will get you to that destination.

I want to work at home….or I want my own online business” is NOT a plan. That’s a wish. Wishes do come true but rarely without a plan of action and a lot of hard work.

You must prepare yourself for a long and hard journey through the Internet jungle and you must be prepared for the lions, tigers, bears and sneaky snakes, as well as, for the cannibals and the unfriendly natives.

You must go well equipped and well supplied to face and defeat all of the dangers and obstacles that stand between you and your destination.

It is true that the Internet jungle is a dangerous place and one that is fraught with traps and obstacles that, at first glance, seem insurmountable.

It is also true that the Internet jungle is ripe with opportunity for those who have the ambition, drive and determination to venture into it and conquer it.

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