Avoid these Mistakes with Resell Rights Products

You should learn how to avoid making mistakes while marketing resell rights by knowing about the kind of mistakes usually made. The top five mistakes most commonly made by resale rights marketers are:

  • Selling the resell rights products to a large number of people.

This might make your potential customers so disturbed that they might change their minds about investing in your resell rights product. Experienced marketers who have some know-how about the resell market understand what a big mistake this is.

You need to have these people on your side.

They have the presence on the Internet as well as the big lists which might help you to market your products effectively. If you sell the resell rights of your products to too many people, then none of those would be able to make much money off the rights because all your customers would be competing with each other to make profits over the same product.

Even though the idea of selling your product to as many people as you can seems very profitable, you will not be able to make so many sales because you will drive people away from investing in your product. They will not want to buy a product which they cannot make money from. This would make the value of your resell rights product also lessen.

Thus, for the reasons mentioned, you should set a limit to the number of people you will sell to. You need to set a roof for the number of copies of your resell rights products you will sell and also ensure that the roof is not too high. This will ensure that you do not sell too many copies to too many people.

If your ceiling is set too high, then the value of your product would suffer. For instance, if you sell to 1000 people, then every customer would compete with the other 999 to capture the same market. This would make the product a very hard hell, and then diminish the value of the product.

  • Pricing is important.

If you price you resell rights product too low, then it will attract too many buyers including some people who will buy for the heck of it but then not do anything more to market the product.

You should increase the price of your resale package and thus add value to the resell rights product you are marketing. This will make sure that when a person invests in your product can make some money out of it and will also work to make more money with it. It will be a win-win scenario for all concerned.

  • Failing to clear state or explain the terms and conditions of usage license.

The resale license which accompanies the resale rights products is extremely important. It describes the obligations and rights of the reseller in minute details.

The document where the guidelines are established is the Resale Rights License and it is your guarantee to the customers that all these rules shall be implemented to protect their interests.

Take some time to note down carefully the restrictions of the rights you will be giving to the resellers and present these in a license agreement, in PDF format preferably. Adobe documents cannot be changed very easily and this will be able to give your customers the protection they require.

  • Failure to honor the terms and conditions for the resell rights products that you have set for yourself.

Failing to stay true to what your promise can damage your business badly. If you say you will sell 100 resale rights of a certain product, then you cannot sell 101 products and then say it was an error in counting. This is dishonorable and people will lose faith in your business.

If you promise to give your customers private label rights, you cannot limit the way they could change the work. You must operate in your business dealings with frankness and sincerity.

  • Selling resell rights products at the peak of the product’s market life.

This might be of advantage to your potential customers but it is definitely a negative sign from the point of view of a business.

If a product is of good quality and has a high potential of selling well, you should sell it yourself. But if you want to stick to product creation and leave marketing to your customers, even that is good, as you will have many people marketing your product for you.

Remember that it is very important to have a sound business plan before starting resell rights marketing.

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