Autoresponders Quiz

Take the following quiz to help you determine your hidden interests and expertise, or develop and hone in on the areas you already know you’re interested in.

QUIZ: What Do You Know?

Answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible to discover the topic best suited to you that will help you succeed in your autoresponder campaign.

1. Who are you? This sounds too simple to be useful, but you’d be surprised how seeing your personal demographics laid out in black-and-white can provide insight into what topics are best for you. Write down the following information about yourself:

  • Your name, age, and gender

  • Where you live: House or apartment? City or suburb? New or old neighborhood? What area of the country?

  • The rest: Blue collar or white collar? Religious or not? Any other identifying statistics you can think of?

2. What have you done? List every single job you’ve ever held. Leave some space between them, then go back and detail all of your job duties. Be creative—give yourself the best-sounding titles you can think of. For example: if you once worked at a fast food restaurant, you might have been a customer service specialist, a food service technician, or a sanitation facilitator. These might sound extreme or over-the-top, but no one will see them but you. This is just to help build your self-confidence.

3. What else have you done? Brainstorm any hobbies you have been into, groups you’ve joined, topics you researched for school or work, or any subject you might have taken a personal interest in and acted on.

4. Where do you go? Are you more likely to spend time at the park or the mall? Do you travel a lot, or do you prefer to stick close to home? Where have you gone on vacations, and where would you like to go?

5. Who do you hang out with? Your choice of friends can tell you a lot about you and the way you relate to others. Are most of your friends the same gender as you, or opposite? Older, younger, or about the same age? Where do they live and work? Think about the activities you and your friends enjoy together. You can even include online friends – people you might have met in chat rooms, groups, or forums with whom you exchange regular correspondence. Any common interests you share with your friends can help point you toward a topic you’ll be comfortable promoting.

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