All About Internet Marketing Post 4

In the last post we talked about using a good internet marketing
plan for your business. In this post we are going to go over some
of the steps needed to build your own system for financial freedom.

Every entrepreneur knows that setting goals is crucial to business
success. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know
when you’ve arrived? Or, more importantly, when you’re heading in
completely the wrong direction?

If you’re the owner of a small business, what is your goal?

To make it to the end of the month with enough money in the bank
to cover the bills?

To take a vacation for the first time in five years?

Every small business owner should have the same goal – sooner
or later, to become independent of the business. Small
businesses turn into big businesses only when they are able to
operate smoothly without the owner being present. When you can
stay away for a week, or a month, or a year, and return to find the
business running better than before you left, you have the
opportunity to do whatever you like – sell the business and start a
new one, retire, buy a yacht and sail around the world.

True financial independence is the ability to live your life doing
what YOU want to do. Do you really want to show up for work an
hour early every day, leave late at night and never take a holiday,
for the rest of your life? Surely not.

What is the key to being able to walk away?

It’s simple. You need a system in place so that everyone in your
business knows exactly what’s expected of them.

When you take on a new employee, how do they learn what they’re
expected to do? Does an existing employee take them in charge,
explaining how things work? How can you be sure that the new
employee is learning what you want them to know?

As the owner of the business, it’s your job to ensure that a system
is put in place as the business grows. The system will ensure that
everyone knows what they need to know to do their job effectively.

How do you think companies like McDonald’s are able to manage
thousands of restaurants across the planet? McDonald’s Head
Office doesn’t sell hamburgers. They sell franchises, and their
customers are the franchisees. The most valuable asset they have
is their system. It regulates what employees wear, the words they
say to customers, how many seconds a patty is left on the grill. to
variables within their business, every contingency is dictated by
the system.

The system makes it possible for new employees to fit in. They
are educated on ‘how we do things around here’. They are taught
the specifics of their job. They may be required to sign a
performance agreement.

In a well-designed system, there is still space for individual
creativity. Better ways of doing things should always be sought out
and encouraged – and written into the system for the future.

The system provides the framework for ensuring that the business
is never entirely dependent on any one person. If you own the
business, your future depends on the quality of your system.

Make sure you look for your next post soon. We will be talking
about some simple tips for starting a successful home based

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