Accounts to think about: PayPal, ClickBank

Accounts to think about: PayPal, ClickBank

There are several programs that will benefit you as an internet marketer. Here are the top three programs you should consider signing up with before you launch your autoresponder campaign:


How will your customers pay for your product? If you’ve ever done online shopping, you know most web sites with something to sell will accept credit cards, and you’ve probably heard of PayPal: it’s the largest online worldwide money transfer service in existence. PayPal accounts are free to set up, and you can start accepting money right away from customers. You can have PayPal issue you a check, or get the funds deposited directly into your checking account.

PayPal merchant accounts allow you to accept credit card payments from your web site. You pay a percentage of each transaction, from 1.9 to 2.9 percent, and your customers pay nothing extra. You can adjust the price of your product to cover these fees, and a PayPal account is far easier to set up than other shopping cart systems.


ClickBank is an internet marketing service that allows you to sell your product through their web site—and also enables their 100,000+ affiliates to sell for you. Setting up a ClickBank account costs a one-time $49.95 with no monthly fees, and like PayPal, they take a small percentage of sales. However, you must set a commission price for sales affiliates. Your profit per unit will be lower, but your sales volume will be much higher.

You can also enroll in ClickBank’s affiliate or reseller program and sell other people’s products for a commission. This will enable you to receive multiple income streams from one source.

A note on content

Your web site content is just as important as your autoresponder message content. Follow the same rules to avoid a spam feel for your site: don’t use lots of graphics or huge colorful fonts, don’t use all caps or excessive punctuation, don’t stuff your site with “exciting” fluff words, and do make sure your spelling and grammar is correct. Keep your web site content simple, clear and informative.

Also, a web site is a great opportunity to get repeat business. One way to do this—which also helps to increase your search engine ranking by attracting web crawlers, or “spiders,” to your site, is to provide fresh content on a regular basis. Add new articles or links weekly and give people great reasons to come back soon.

Above all, be professional. Don’t try to make your product look better by trashing other products or sellers; don’t use “bait and switch” by planting descriptions that have nothing to do with your product but are in high demand on the internet (unless you’re actually selling pornographic content, don’t use “sex” or “hot girls” to describe your site); and don’t flat-out lie (your product will not cure cancer). Believe it or not, honesty is still valued in the marketplace—and your honesty will earn you more sales and repeat business. You believe in your product, so let your product speak for itself.

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