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In the last post we talked about separating your personal life from
your business. In this post we are going to talk about jump
starting your online marketing campaign for greater

In the internet age, having an online marketing campaign should
be one of your top priorities. That’s a broad, sweeping statement,
but it’s a broad sweeping truth. I don’t care if you’re a Fortune 500
company or the owner of auto shop in Podunk, Wisconsin, you
need to be online, and you need to have an online marketing

The days when you could get by without having an internet
presence might not be dead, but they’re definitely circling the
drain. Virtually everyone has a cell phone these days, what we still
refer to as a cell phone is really a mobile connection to the
internet. People are constantly connected, and people are
constantly using this connection to find the place and things they
want to find.

If you don’t have an online marketing campaign in place, you are
not going to be there to find. If you aren’t there to find, you are
going to watch your business eventually dry and blow away. You
need to be online, and you need be online with a strategy in place.
I’m going to show you how to create a simple, effective and
inexpensive online marketing campaign.

The very first step is to make sure that you have a nice,
professional looking website. You’d be shocked at how many
businesses pay good money to put cheap looking websites on
line. Good, attractive design is important, and it won’t cost you
extra. It should also be consistent with the look of your business in
general, including stationery and business cards.

The next step is to make sure that your website is search engine
optimized. This is a big subject, but the basic idea is make sure
that your site makes it as easy as possible for the search engines
to put you at the beginning of their results for the keywords that
your customers will be using. You can have a beautiful website
and an excellent business, but without search engine optimization,
you won’t get anywhere.

The next step in a good online marketing campaign is to make
sure your website is capturing potential customer’s email
addresses. You’ll need to set up an autoresponder service to
make use of this, but they’re cheap and easy to use. Just make
sure you offer your customers some reason to give their email
addresses. It may not be using money, but it is still a transaction,
and you need to give good value.

This allows you to interact with customers and give them multiple
chances to buy from you, in addition to keeping your business in
their minds. The next time they want what you offer, you’re going to
be the first person they think.

Once you have all that in place, you can experiment with using
online advertising. There are lots of ways to this, from banner
advertising, which is generally ineffective, to sponsoring a blog or
website, which can be expensive, to pay per click, which is usually
the best place to start. Pay per click puts a small ad related to
whatever a person searching for next to their search engine
results. You see this every time you use Google. You can use this
to get visitors to your site, and if you have followed the above
steps, turning them into customers.

There you go; you should be well on your way to you first online
marketing campaign. These techniques are simple, but they can
explode your business and put money in your pocket. Don’t wait to
get started, because your competition might already be working
on it.

Make sure you look for your next post soon. We will be talking
about finding an internet marketing expert that you can trust to
teach you.

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