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In the last issue we talked about getting your business noticed by using free website templates. In this issue we are going to talk about two surefire methods for effective selling online.

If you want to know how to sell online and turn a few hours of work into a steady income, you’ve got to take a closer look at some of the many possible ways to generate revenue through online sales.  Just as one single style of shoe isn’t right for every foot, not every method for selling products or services online are a great fit for every person. Your chances of success in selling on the Internet increase if you choose a sales niche that is right for you. With that said, let’s consider a couple of surefire methods to help you learn
how to sell online:

Online Auctions

Of course you’re probably already familiar with eBay, and there are other online auction sites as well. One of the biggest hurdles to effectively selling on the Web is getting traffic (visitors) to your Web site. If you choose to market your goods through an online
auction site like eBay, you’ll be able to get started without worrying about generating visits, because the auction Web sites have done the hard work for you. They’ll be delivering the visitors, you only need to find the right product and the right price.

Before you learn how to sell online via the auction sites, you also need to determine how you intend to develop your inventory of goods, so consider this: in many cases, people who became adept at selling their products through the online auction sites
started out simply hoping to empty out their cluttered garage and turn a few items they’d otherwise throw away into quick cash. Later they found that they could purchase products wholesale and resell them or perhaps they could frequent garage sales and lawn sales
in their neighborhoods to find goods suitable for auction.

Your Own Web Store

If the online auction route doesn’t seem like a good fit, you might want to consider setting up your own Web-based store as a possibility for how to sell online. Your own store might be a good option if you have many of the same item to market. In a case like
this, you’ll have much more control over how your goods are presented than if you’d chosen to go with an online auction site, but of course there will be significantly more work for you.

As an example, check out this link for my online store that I started up in 2011.  It is called Treasure Chest Connections.  It was started as a Costume Jewelry Store and I made it a combination store with ebooks and other internet marketing stuff in it. It’s still a little like that but it’s just because I haven’t shifted the books to my other online store yet.

Get Gifts of Ebooks For The Holidays. Go get em!

Which later I opened a new store online called, “Ebooks 4 Prosperity” this is nothing but ebooks and learning materials for Internet Marketers!  Click the link above to check it out.

In many cases you’ll need to set up a shopping cart, a method of payment, and organize the site based on the products you want to sell. While that’s more labor on your part, you will also be able to avoid the listing fees and other costs involved with using another company’s site to market your products.  Most of us use Paypal or Clickbank but it varies to each persons preferences.

Shoes For The Holidays. Go get em!

Now, I also opened another online shop for women’s shoes.. women just love those shoes… So you have a lot of options out there and the best kind is the kind of things you love and enjoy being around and working for.  Check out this link: Women’s Shoe Blog to see how this has been set up!

But don’t forget, when you set up your own Web store you’ll also be responsible for bringing in the visitors, and that can be a very labor-intensive or costly undertaking.  This is where Social Media can be a great source for getting the word out.

When you decide you want to know how to sell online, you’ll find that online auctions and your own Web store are just two of many ways to generate revenue on the Internet. The key, no matter which option you choose, is to go ahead and get started. Learn how to
sell online and start making extra money right now, then grow your online business into a full time income.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about making money with craigslist while meeting the needs of your customers.

In the meantime go check out all the links to my stores above and you’ll get an idea of different styles.  I learned the hard way but WordPress is the best online solution or a very well structured website that can easily be purchased.  This of course is just my opinion.

See ya Soon!

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