About Internet Marketing Post 16

In the last post we talked about search engine optimization tips
for getting more traffic to your website. In this post we are going
to talk about how to get a buzz going online about your business.

As someone who makes it their business to do marketing and
advertising for others it may be that the hardest company to
promote is yourself. There is nothing wrong with a little shameless
self promotion. We are going to look at some reasons that it
shouldn’t be so difficult and how you can have one that is
successful. There may be some things in this article that sound
obvious but many times it is the most obvious things that slip by us
and confounds our efforts.

The first thing that you need to do is consider yourself a client.
What are the things that you do when you are starting an
advertising and marketing campaign for someone else.

First you need to have a target market. Who is going to be your
target market? Well, everyone. The best thing to do, though, is to
look for a niche. Your niche could be small businesses who need
very little online presence but who do not have the time, money,
knowledge, or resources to pull something like that together.
Having that online presence can be incredibly helpful to a small
business and you can make it happen.

Sure they won’t be bringing in the big bucks for you that some
huge corporation will have but what you will find is that not only will
they be loyal to you, they can get referrals for you and can be easily
found. You could even go after a certain niche of small
businesses. It could be anything associated with the medical field,
or sports, or the outdoors, or any niche. The sky really is the limit.
The more you get to know a niche, the better you will be at
designing a marketing and advertising campaign around them.

An advertising and marketing campaign for yourself can also be
tailored to go after a certain niche. It can also turn off a niche just
as easily. Consider all of the tailoring to young, urban and “hip”
people. It may have some funky music and slick graphics with
whirly things and lots of dancing but will something like that be
appealing to a group of doctors…who may, as a niche, have some
very deep pockets? Probably not.

What about your website that has the Goth thing going on or
shows some great designs that would be good as a tattoo? Sure it might
reflect who you are but does it reflect and draw in those people
whose business you need and want. It isn’t called selling out to
cater to the likes of those whose business you desire. It’s called

Several years ago the band Metallica was talking about the
criticism they have received for trying to reach a broader market.
Their lead singer, James Hetfield, said “sure we sold out….every
seat in the house.” The successful strategies used will take note of
these things. The marketing and advertising you do for your own
business will be successful online if you make yourself as
appealing as possible to as wide a range of people as possible
on the Internet.

Make sure you look for your next post soon. We will be talking
about understanding your target market for a more successful
marketing campaign.

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