A New Traffic Exchange, “Dynamite Hits”

A New Traffic Exchange, “Dynamite Hits”

The web has evolved from being simply educational to being participative. The participative nature of the web can easily be recognized from the myriad of forums, Social Network sites and Traffic Exchanges that have emerged in a couple of years. These sites can classically define how your business or brand is being supposed by the masses. More and more conversations are moving online and it is important to recognize and contribute in this dialogue.

My new Traffic Exchange has been a rewarding experience, to know that I am part of a big circle of people that are looking for a place to show their offers, products and services.

I offer free advertising where you can show splash pages, banners of many sizes, text ads and much more.  It’s a fun way to get the word out about pretty much anything you want to.  The best part is, my site is free to join and upgrade if you want to.  No hassles and not only that, to make it interesting and fun I have games you can play while surfing other peoples sites, too!

Go check it out today, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  To top it off and maybe you aren’t too familiar with traffic exchanges, I wrote a book called, “Modern Day Traffic Exchanges”.  It’s below and free, just download it to your harddrive.  It also has a rebrander software inside it so you can change all the links in it to your links!

Let me know what you think and enjoy!

Modern Day Traffic Exchanges by Carol Mehlman

Click Here or Click Image to Download!

To Login or Join Dynamite Hits, Click Here


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