3 Simple Things You Can Do To Make 5xs More!


There are 3 things you need to be doing if you want to make any sort of commissions as a marketer.

1) Add Trust with solid reviews
2) Add Value with extra bonuses
3) Be Different to stand out from the crowd

Over the past 12 months two of the smartest affiliates I’ve ever known have promoted 300+ products, tracked 593,000 visitors, made over 50,000 sales and racked up $1,133,364 in net commissions.

>> This is the result of all those tests…

(video shows how they regularly pull conversions 5x HIGHER than average affiliates)

They’ve promoted everything from marketing software and e-products to monthly food subscriptions and kids toys and irrespective of the product or service, we’ve discovered one key factor that takes average conversions to HUGE conversions.

It’s Adding Value (offering bonuses) and offering a solid review on top for added TRUST.

But there are a whole heap of problems doing this on a regular basis and we had to develop a way to make it easy and to simplify the process.

It took them 12 months and the end result is beyond my wildest dreams.

>> It’s called Commission Gorilla

You see, building out bonus, review and promotion pre-sell pages is time consuming and if you lack good design skills totally ineffective.

Most affiliates don’t bother or try and give up because it’s simply too much work.

They’re making a HUGE MISTAKE

And when I say HUGE I mean abso-freakin-lutely HUGE

If you are promoting affiliate offers like everyone else you are never going to make more than the average
affiliate (and that’s not much)

You need to stand out from the crowd
You need to be unique
You need to add trust
You need to add value

If not people will buy from someone else and not you.

But get this…

A killer promotion page, review and incentives to buy (bonuses, added extras or freebies) can put FIVE TIMES more money in your pocket.

They tested it thousands of times.

Commission Gorilla is a new system that makes putting this strategy to work easy.

Like drag and drop easy and it’s the smartest way to start rolling out affiliate promotion offer and delivery pages.


When they first talked to me about this I thought the same.

Oh it’s a bonus page builder…

Hell no!

This software has so many little secrets it’s crazy

>> Watch the demo video here

It comes with a built in library to store your bonuses, you can simply click to add them to pages, recycle bonuses, tweak them on the fly and while your building out a promotion page the software is automatically building out your delivery page!

It has built in stats and page cloning so you can replicate a top performing page in seconds, change a little text with the WYSIWYG editor change out your affiliate links, switch around your bonuses (from the library) and promote another offer IN MINUTES!

And you get countdown timers (with some really clever technology behind them), exit popups and redirects, attention bars and more!

And if you grab a lifetime account it’s all yours along with free page hosting and no monthly fees or rebills and tons more

If you promote other people’s products, if you want to STOMP the launch leader-boards and turn a trickle into a commission flood (without going crazy or working 24 hours a day) then you owe it to yourself to check Commission Gorilla out

> Early Adopter Link:

P.S. Lifetime accounts will only be around a short time, so check this out now so you don’t kick yourself later https://jvz9.com/c/80245/273395


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