Last Day for Massive Giveaway

It stops this morning at 8AM, so get on over there
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I’ll be joining the next one and will let you
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Hey, There’s Only 2 Days Left For A Massive Give-Away

Only two days left for the most MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

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Good Keywords – More Than Good Demand

A friend of mine gets half of the world traffic for the term “dirtbagging,” on one page of his backpacking site, but that only means ten visitors a month.

Without decent keyword demand you can’t ever get much traffic. Total demand is just one factor to consider, though. Here are some others. about keywords

1. Demand/supply ratio. There were 289,000 searches for “fishing” last month, but could you compete against the 35,000,000 results on a Google search? “Bass fishing tips,” with 3,700 searches, and 31,000 results is a more likely winner.

2. Total supply. For “dirtbagging,” Google shows 240 results, and there may be 20 searches monthly for the term. It would be  easy to get on the first page of results.

On the other hand, a keyword with a demand of a million, and a million search results has a better ratio, but can you really get in the first few pages of results? Continue reading

Web Promotion And Web Design Tips For Free

I hope you find this article beneficial and interesting. I am going to explain and give free web design and web promotion tips.

Cheap web design services.

You may think you need to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds to have an internet presence.web design tips

Due to the amount of people offering the service of web design, this certainly does not have to be the case. In my opinion you should only have to pay between £50 and £100 to have a website built.

You can find these cheap web design companies by looking on internet auction websites, internet search engines or in the Yellow Pages.

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