3 Proven Methods For Turning Away Customers and Losing Money

Are you your own worst marketing enemy? Hey, I’m sure you wouldn’t intentionally turn customers away… but we all make mistakes. In the following article you’ll find some tried and true ways to lose sales and kiss your profits goodbye!

1. Distract Them
You know what I’m talking about. You’ve been to Web pages where there were a TON of clickable links. You start clicking away, get 10 screens open… and yeah, you forget which is the original site and why the heck you were there in the first place!3 Proven Methods For Turning Away Customers and Losing Money

This one is especially true for Internet marketers. Let me ask you… how many clickable links are on your Web page? Don’t send your customers to other places before you’ve made a sale. Once a prospect heads out for greener pastures, they’ll probably never find their way back.

2. Give Them An Unpleasant Surprise
You’ve probably made a purchase, got set to write the check and discovered extra fees that you weren’t counting on paying. No one even mentioned them until you were sitting there with pen in hand. Maybe it was that vacation package you’ve been dreaming about for a while. You’re left with a choice… grin and bear it, or walk off without the vacation. Continue reading

2 Sure-Fire Methods Proven To Convert More Customers

If you’re a marketer your number one concern is customers. You’ve probably read and heard a million and one ideas about how to build relationships, retain customers, create a list of potential customers, and inspire consumer loyalty. But the tough question is, “How do I convert prospects into customers?”

There are a lot of people out there who see your ads, think about them, and maybe even say, “I ought to…” They’re just waiting to be convinced to to do something about it. There is something you can do to get them moving!

1. Improve Your Offer
No one can pass up the deal that’s “too good to resist.” Think about it… how often do your customers want your product, but just want something else a little more? That leaves you with a long list of “almost sales” that have the potential to be converted into real sales and profit. Sweeten the deal. Make the offer so good they can’t resist it.

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3 Lifesaving Tactics to Stay Afloat In a Constantly Changing Marketplace

Let’s face the facts… old-fashioned marketing tools aren’t going to keep your business a growing and prosperous entity in today’s marketplace. Hey, this month’s hottest techniques and information will be obsolete in six months. Now, I’m not saying that old marketing principals can’t be upgraded and incorporated successfully, but as a rule marketers have to stay on top of the latest marketing trends.

If you’re wanting to stay ahead of your business savvy competitors you’ll need to implement 3 tactics to stay one step ahead.

1. Watch For New Advertising Methods
You never know what will work for you unless you take the time to experiment! Who knows? The next marketing experiment you test may be a million dollar idea. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest marketing news.

It never pays to put all of your eggs in one basket. Don’t neglect the tried and true marketing tools that have been successful in the past. Invest about 20 percent of your advertising budget and time into testing for new marketing strategies that will increase your profits.

2. Spruce Things Up
Don’t get stuck in a rut. Yeah, you have products that have been successful for years, but what would happen if you gave them a “face lift?’ Would you attract new customers? Would your old customers enjoy the change? You’ll be surprised at what a new packaging will do for old product sales.

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Sprucing up doesn’t have to stop with your products. A few minor changes in the store appearance can bring new life to your place of business as well.

3. Diversify
The more products you have to offer, the more insulation you have against the decline in popularity of one particular item. Don’t go out on a limb, when you’ve got a good thing going. Look for products and services that compliment your current products and services.

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Don’t let the speed-of-light changes in the market take your business under. Stay afloat with these proven tactics.



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3 “No Sweat” Tactics That Ban Customer Buying Objections

There are a lot of excuses floating around about why people don’t buy. Maybe you’ve heard some of them: it’s too expensive, it’s not at the top of my “must have” list right now, or even when a deals too good to be true… it’s too good to be true. Customer objections are more easily overcome than you might imagine. Let’s take a look at 3 simple ways to wipe out those objections.

1. It’s Too Expensive.
Don’t be fooled! Most of your customers can get the money to buy the product… it’s not a matter of having enough. Let’s face it… what they’re really saying is that they can get a better deal somewhere else, or a deal that gives them a better value for their buck.

Now, don’t give in to the temptation to drop your prices to “rock bottom” just because you hear them say it’s too expensive. There are ways to wipe out these objections without wiping out your profits!

Make it look like a better deal. I mean, take a really good look at your product. How can you increase the perceived value? Maybe you can add a manual, a CD, or a downloadable book full of information about the product. Let them think they are getting more for their buck, and the deal seems a lot sweeter to them.

Think about this… we all expect to pay more when we visit a specialist. Sure, Wal-Mart is great if we’re looking for a generic product, but when we want something from someone who knows what they’re talking about we head for a market “specialist”… and expect to pay a little more as part of the deal.

How can you become a specialist who demands respect, and can get away with slightly higher prices?

” Find niches within your market to address. Hey, if you look closesly you’ll discover groups within your market that stand out… businessness men and women, young mothers, retirees, etc.

” Dig in, do a little research and figure out exactly how your product relates to the special needs of these niche groups.

” Speak to them as someone in the know. Revise your sales materials to address the specific needs of each group. Let them know you understand what they want and need, and watch your profits skyrocket.

2. I Have More Important Things To Get Right Now.
Yeah, buying now doesn’t seem too important until… the deal’s too sweet to pass up, and you have to get it today to get the deal.

What I’m talking about is banning the option of procrastination. Really what your customer is saying is … I have no reason to buy today. Make the deal irresistible, and put a deadline on it. It’ll spur them into making the purchase a priority, NOW.

3. I’m Skeptical… It’s Too Good To Be True.
Most customers have been burnt by deals that seem too good to be true… they ended up costing more than they were worth. The only way you’ll ever overcome the skepticism is to build a relationship of trust.

Unconditional money back guarantees eliminate the risk of loss, and show the customer that you are truly concerned with their satisfaction.

Let testimonials speak for you. Evidence that you’ve delivered and gained customer satisfaction in the past goes a long way toward banning customer fears.

Be available. Customers feel like everything is okay if they can pick up the phone or send an email and get quick answers to their questions.

It really doesn’t take a lot of rocket science to get through the shell of hard core customers. These 3 tips will get you off to a good start.

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