Increase Traffic to Your Amazon Listing

Get it seen, get it sold.

Are your listings buried deep in Amazon, rarely seeing the light of day? Did you just create a new listing, and you’re waiting for people to start buying? There are a couple of main ways to make your listing visible to potential customers. One way is to improve your ranking within Amazon so that your listing shows up on the first or second page of search results. The other way is to sprinkle links to your listing throughout the Internet. Both of these methods work together to help you improve sales.

Why is linking important when selling on Amazon?

Links can point buyers to your Amazon listing from anywhere on the Internet. If people don’t see your listing, they can’t buy your product. If a few people see it, a few of those people may buy it. The more people see it, the more people buy it. Your goal is to get LOTS of people to see your listing! Not all of them will buy, but some of them will. And from there, it just gets easier- instead of YOU having to advertise and spread the word about your product, your happy customers will do it for you! Views lead to sales, which lead to customer ratings and reviews… all of which lead to a higher ranking… which starts the cycle over again.

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What Is A Good Business Website?

A good business website is the key to success on the internet. You should understand that your business can’t expect to score well on the internet in the absence of a quality website. After all, it takes some effort to win the trust and confidence of users. If your website is not properly developed and if it lacks features, it then won’t be able to reach to the target audience in a desired manner. That’s why, having a good website for the business becomes important as it takes a lot of effort on a regular basis to get the attention of users.

So, what is a good business website? Well, a good business website is one that is easy to read and simple to understand for users. All its content should be visible and legible and this is only possible when right colour combination is used. Similarly, there has to be a proper formatting of the images and content so that they get read easily by the users they are meant to serve. Similarly, the site must be easy to navigate with all the important links at the top. All links should be visible so that users don’t have any problem in locating them.

What’s more, a good business website is one that should be comfortably viewed across devices. It must deliver a consistent look-and-feel across devices, be it tablets, mobile or desktop. In addition, mobile users should access every aspect of the website in the same manner as those from desktop or other devices do with ease. Continue reading

Things You Should Do Before Changing WordPress Themes

Undoubtedly, WordPress offers you a plethora of themes and plugins, which make the development easier and helps to add great functionalities on your website. Most of the time, people want to switch their themes to change its overall look. However, changing themes is easier than you even thought. If you are new to WordPress and this is your first time when you are changing the theme, so, don’t get nervous. Here are some simple tips you should follow before take any further step; otherwise, you can end up losing everything that you didn’t mean to lose.

Backup Is The First Step: One of the common things you need to do before you switch the theme is, take the backup of your overall website. It permits you to restore your previous website in case of any mistake. So, always backup before making any change in your site. This may reduce the chances of any loss.

Take Notes On Your Current Theme: If you are surfing the internet to find the accurate solution to the problem, so, make sure you always take notes on your current theme. This may help you to opt for the new one and the chances of any mess are lesser than the first. For this, you just need to go through your theme file and note down all the codes, which helps you if anything goes wrong. Continue reading

Relevant Reasons Behind The Wide Acceptance Of PHP In Web Development

Today, PHP is one of the most popular languages used for web development. Categorized as a server-side scripting language, PHP stands opposed to JavaScript that is a preferred language on the client side. There are innumerous benefits of PHP development despite the fact that almost all web languages have its individual limitations.

There are multiple reasons behind the wide acceptance of PHP among the web developers globally. Here are some of the most relevant reasons listed in the following clarifying the wide acceptance if PHP development in the field of web development.

Dynamic Web Pages

Smart web developers smartly utilize the opportunity of creating eye-catching as well as dynamic web pages per the industry standards. It is one of the most appreciated free open sources supporting general databases such as MySQL, Oracle and so on along with matching with Linux and MySQL as well. Talented web developers know how to create attractive web pages to ensure great ROI to the clients by dragging the attention of more users.

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Common Pitfalls to Avoid While Creating Multilingual Websites

With the business world becoming more and more competitive day by day, the need for targeting clients in other parts of the country or the world has become greater. People who speak different languages want a website in their own language so that they feel comfortable while buying services or products. Creating a multilingual website is important for business owners that are offering services to customers in different regions or countries or have a plan to expand into foreign markets. While creating websites in multiple languages, website owners may have to face a variety of challenges. So, let us consider them in this article and have a discussion.

Understanding the difference between multi-regional and multilingual site

Creating a multilingual website means making the site available in various languages. It should be remembered that 75% of the world’s populations don’t speak English and so it is important for a growing business to attract customers speaking different languages.

Making a mult-iregional website, on the other hand means targeting different regions and localizing the site, whether in the same country or internationally. For example, if you offer services to Canada and the US with some differences, then it is good to have a Canadian version and a US version for your site to target each specific group. Continue reading