What is Preselling?

If you are into online marketing, it is imperative that you fully understand and practice effective preselling. You do not need to be an expert marketer to be able to do so. Contrary to common beliefs, preselling is not a technical skill. It is not something that you should be uncomfortable with. Instead, it could be the key to your online marketing success. So what exactly is preselling?

People browse the Internet for information. Generally, they go online not to buy anything. They just search for information they need or facts that could help not just their selves but also their relatives or friends. However, if they find something worth buying as they read information, they could be made to purchase. That is what preselling is all about. You would condition the minds of online consumers to buy your products and ideas.

Your Website should feature information. It should have helpful, relevant, interesting, and credible information. Online consumers are strangers to your online site. It is your job to endear your Website to them. You should succeed to make them think and feel as if your site is the right venue where they could get all the information they need. You need to establish yourself as an authority in the subject. Continue reading


There are many ways to get your audience involved in your presentation. Some are audience participation, stories, jokes, silly stunts, or songs. All of these work well, but they won’t work if you are a dud!

Listen to these words: Sparkle, lighten up, silly – What do they mean to you?

Some days when you are doing a presentation you sometimes don’t feel like being there or even being around people!
This normal, but everyone can spot it when you aren’t all there.

NOTE#### You have about five seconds to grab your audience’s attention before they go nuts on you!

There are four areas you need to work on to insure that “Pizzazz” takes place. Continue reading

Work at Home Options

If you want to work at home, step one is understanding the options available to you.

Let’s start with some basics. There are only TWO things you can do at home, yes, only TWO.

You can telecommute or you can run a business. That’s it, TWO.

Telecommuting – This means you have been hired by an employer, and that employer is open to having you work at home anywhere from a few hours a week, to full time. Some folks will work mornings in office, afternoons at home. Afternoons at home, allows them to pick up their kids, start dinner etc, all while working also. Some folks work every other day in office. This allows them bring work in, drop work off, be available for meetings etc.  You are an employee. You are either paid per hour or per week.

The sentence I see most often posted is “I want to work at home, so I have more time with my kids”. Find some folks who do telecommute. Their kids are in daycare, as they need to work. They also end up putting in more than 40 hours per week as they want to make sure they put in their 40 hours and make up for those trips to the store, the trips to pick kids up etc. Continue reading

Work At Home Scams Thrive on the Internet

The ability to earn a living from home is one that millions of people would enjoy. No one likes being a slave to a time clock, and no one enjoys working for a difficult boss. The notion of working from home is appealing to everyone who has ever had an unpleasant job, and thousands of Americans try their hands at it every year with varying degrees of success.

Where there is opportunity for success, there is also opportunity for fraud, and the work at home sector is no exception to that rule. Offers to work from home are common subjects of spam e-mail, and there are thousands of Websites devoted to lavish descriptions of the riches one can acquire while working from home. Unfortunately, most of these offers are fraudulent, and the only thing that most people will get out of them is a lighter wallet. Offers to get rich at home while stuffing envelopes or processing medical claims for physicians earn far more for the people selling them than they do for the victims who buy them.

These are but two of the common work at home scams that can be commonly found in e-mail solicitations or in the classified advertising sections of business-related magazines. Anyone who is considering investing in a plan to work from home should first consider the following: Continue reading

Publicity From Thirty Thousand Feet

We all know that marketing a book is a process. But sometimes the process takes longer than we’d anticipated. That’s why it’s nice every now and again to hop aboard the publicity jet and get a look-see at what you’ve been doing from the thirty-thousand foot level. Why? Well, first off this birds-eye view will reveal to you areas you might be overlooking or other options for marketing you hadn’t considered.

To accomplish this bird-eye view you’ll want to get yourself a big white board, or something else big enough to chart your flight plan on. Then, once you’ve gotten that start charting the course you’ve taken so far. Don’t leave a single thing out; it doesn’t matter what it is. What you want to end up with is a serious list of everything you’ve done from the time you held your first proof book in your hands.

One of the things this type of a project will do is give you a new perspective on what you’re doing. It will show you areas that you’ve possibly been spending too much time on or potential holes in your campaign. Sketching out your marketing campaign will also give you a chance to see what’s been leveraging you results and what hasn’t. Keep in mind that some things like bulk sales and national media might take longer than other items so you’ll want to keep putting forth effort toward those long-term goals. But let’s say you’ve been spending tons of time doing radio but nothing really seems to be happening in that area. You then look over to your speaking engagement section and realize you haven’t done a lot with that recently. Perhaps it’s time to pull back on radio and start pushing speaking events. Continue reading