Affiliate and Ad Content List

Overview of List Management – Part 2

To introduce additional information and ratings on specific list maintenance types, and to show you who uses them for what type of business, when, where, how and why.

To discuss and rate the personal lists containing solely affiliate and advert content.

To look at the final potential list types (the ad lists) and to demonstrate which direction they will take your business in.

To wrap up the section, and get practical. To have you select a list type and stick to it, whether you’ve started your list building already or not. Let’s pick the one that’s going to make the most of your success right now.

Personal List – Affiliate and Ad Content Continue reading

Summary Of The Methods To Maintain Your List


Welcome to the list maintenance section of the course. There are various methods of list building that have proven successful over the years, each fulfilling different roles within a business, each with their advantages and disadvantages.

Throughout this section, we’ll be looking at each of the methods with a view to showing you what they entail before you get started, because once you do, it’s not always easy to change. You’ll also be able to immediately begin to maintain your list using the method that suits your business from the moment those first subscribers begin to arrive on the launch of your products.

The first aspect that I’d like to talk to you about is one of the fundamentals of list building, and that’s always no matter what make sure that the customer understands what they’re subscribing to. Continue reading

Personal List Management Ratings

Subscription Rate: *** Getting subscribers here can be a lot harder, but the rewards greater. As these lists are generally smaller than a large sized e-zine, the numbers can seem a little off putting, but it’s far better to have a list of 1000 dedicated loyal customers that buy from you over and over, than a list of 100k who don’t even read your mailings. Remember quality over quantity. Many subscribers may have also bought from you before.

Ad income: * Virtually zero direct ad income. It’s possible to sell small ads to people if you get short of cash, but it can be harder to do if your list is smaller and more focused than some of the e-zines out there. It’s even harder to charge the price it’s worth for this very same reason. If you do decide to sell ads here and there, keep it rare. Very rare, or your list will lose it’s purpose and subscribers will move on. Don’t forget to push your response rate tracking stats too, or you may find people don’t buy at your higher prices for smaller numbers and stick with an e-zine ad, which to an uneducated eye, provides better value for money.

JV Circle: ***** Due to the personal nature of this list, it’s easy to start talking to people, specific subscribers even, and to become a target for other marketers with similar lists in the same category. Don’t be surprised to find yourself in high demand as this is prime territory to create many a profitable joint venture. That list of people I was sending reports to that we talked about earlier, that was my first mailing, and I still have a bunch of them on my messenger contact list. From just one mailing. Not bad huh? This is what joint venture prospects look like and is by far the most effective way to get them. Continue reading

Personal Mixed Content List

Personal List – Mixed Content

Personal mixed content list is a list gathered by you, that you don’t use to sell outside ads to on a regular basis. Mailings contain research, new product information for your customers, a few articles that you write, the odd tips here and there, testimonial requests, and of course the ads for your own products. Mailings are very similar to an e-zine, except for the mixed content and the lower sales of ads to third parties. They also require less content on your part.

One of the most highly used list types by specialist marketers, and in my personal opinion, definitely one of the most interesting and robust of the lot. Imagine having a list of your own, which generally comprises of customers that know who you are, trust your word, many of them having bought from you before or subscribed to your list for the simple sake of following the progress and watching what you do as an authoritative figure in your chosen field of expertise. All of these factors come together to make a highly responsive list and one heck of a joint venture bargaining tool. Continue reading

List Maintenance

The Four Methods of List Maintenance

E-zine Or Newsletter: The e-zine, or newsletter, is a list of people that you gather, and send information related to your target market on a weekly, bi-weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. The idea is the useful content that you send them will have them want to keep reading and open your mail each time, keeping your response rates and read rates high.

Ok so here we have it. The staple of most online marketers before they hit is big, and sometimes even after, the well-known e-zine list. I’m sure you’ll already know from reading the intro here that this method in itself can actually become a lot of work. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid of work, obviously, seeing as I’m sitting here writing a half million word report spread over 15 manuals, but when it gets to a particular point, it may not be prudent for you to run an e-zine anymore. This however is a good place to start if you have the time. Continue reading