How To Utilize PLR Articles

There are MANY advantages of having PLR articles.

Here are a few examples on how to utilize them besides selling them for money:

  • Build massive traffic to your Website through Article Directories. Submit your articles to high page rank directories like E-zine articles and have your article appear in various niches. You can also insert your own name as the author in your own bio box and drive visitors to your home page.

  • Become an expert in your field by branding yourself with high quality articles.

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How To Utilize Sales Letters and Landing Pages

Sales Letters and landing pages are one of the most important components you must utilize when you are setting up your profit funnels.

Here are the best ways you can utilize them:

  • You can save a tremendous amount of time and money by filling in your name and uploading your payment processor and upload them immediately.

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How To Utilize PLR e-Books

E-books are very important. Most PLR sites provide E-books as the bread and butter of the entire business model.

Here are some of the best strategies on how to utilize PLR E-books:

  • Put your name on the products as the author – This is the most obvious benefit of them all. Private Label Rights allow you to claim authorship to the E-book and you can use it to build your name/brand or sell it.

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How To Choose A Good PLR Site

Let’s be realistic here…

Not all PLR membership sites are created equally – some of their content is just BAD, while others are produced with premium quality!

Therefore, it is very important that you check out the credibility of the founders of the PLR site.

Make sure they have:

  • A proven track record

  • Are capable of producing EXCELLENT content (After all, content is king)

  • Are backed by SOLID testimonials.

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Why Monthly PLR?

Most of the time, people are afraid of monthly commitments, that is why they are afraid to join monthly PLR sites.

That is NOT the right way to think!

The advantages of joining a monthly PLR membership site are as follows:

  • It can be a lot cheaper compared to buying from other sources because monthly subscriptions are usually a lot cheaper than one time purchases.

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