Blog Barrage

Blog Barrage

Find A High Traffic Blog

How does one maximize from a high traffic blog when that blog doesn’t belong to you or when your own blog has little traffic to begin with? How does one cope when he is new to Internet marketing?

Well, one of the fastest ways to get started out is to search for blogs that are constantly looking for content from contributors like the blog on the previous post.

Contribute Relevant Content

Talk about Internet marketing and making money online. It provides targeted traffic for anyone who wants to learn about Internet marketing.   Continue reading

Fire Sale Contributions

 Fire Sale Contributions

A Great Source for Paid Leads

What better way to get highly targeted traffic other than being a contributor for a fire sale!

If you don’t know what a fire sale is, it is a special type of sale with three important characteristics:

  • Time limited (only last for a couple of days)

  • Rock bottom pricing (but full of value)

  • And it all comes with a theme

So what does that got to do with getting paid leads? Continue reading

Viral Marketing Fever

Why Viral Marketing Is Extremely Powerful

Ever had Chicken Pox? It all starts from one member of the family getting infected by a friend or a relative. He brings the virus home and pretty soon the entire family gets hit by chicken pox… but not before the ‘carrier’ passes it to another friend’s family!

This is what viral marketing is like – when you have the necessary tools to drive traffic to your website, your profits will be unstoppable!

Here are a few key components you will need to accomplish this feat:

  • Advertisements placed in strategic locations (e.g. at the back of viral E-books)

  • E-products with resell rights (any form that allows the product to be easily passed to another – master resell rights, unrestricted PLR rights, rebranding rights or giveaway rights)

Finding The Right ‘Carrier’

If you want to kick start your viral marketing campaign you will need to find a suitable ‘carrier’ for your ‘viruses’.

By having the right carrier, you will be able to launch your campaign as swiftly as possible because it will take a while before the viral effect starts to kick in.

A suitable carrier would be an E-product that will easily fall into the hands of many readers automatically and it must have a targeted audience (related to that particular niche) who will find your ad useful.

However, you must choose the right kind of carrier. This carrier must either have a lot of credibility or an attraction factor that will appeal to the target audience or the resellers (other carriers).

An example of an effective carrier is that the E-product must have an appealing E-cover that will capture the attention of your prospects.

You must give them a reason to do the viral marketing work for you without you doing it yourself. The key is to set it up correctly the first time (choosing the best product to place your ad, writing a compelling advertisement and choosing the best placements).

Then, when your campaign launches, you won’t need to do anything more other than watch the traffic flow in!

Spreading The Love

Now that you have found your ‘carrier’, 95% of the work will be done by your ‘sales force’ while you sit back and watch them spread the love.

They will promote the carriers for their own profit or benefit, while your ads and your links are sitting cozily in their books.

Here are a few examples of how the viral effect works out in the form of your E-products:

  • Unrestricted PLR E-books or special reports. The easier it is for people to get their hands on your book, the better the traffic! Do not worry about people altering your ads – people are usually too lazy to alter the book. They will promote your links for you! The most appealing thing about unrestricted PLR is that people can SELL the PLR rights to others making it highly valuable!

  • E-books or special reports with Master resell rights. The same applies as unrestricted PLR. Resellers can resell your books, bundle your books together as a package or into a fire sale or offer them as a bonus. You can watch as your books (and your links) fall into the hands of readers all over the world!

  • Products with giveaway rights. If you have excellent content, people are more than willing to give away your book to others and the virus spreads. Although it carries less perceived value compared to a ‘paid’ product, nevertheless, it still has it usefulness if your content is good.

You can create as many viral campaigns as you can for your website. Once they are all setup, all you need to do is tweak your sales pages or landing pages to maximize your profits.

Next post:  Fire Sale Contributions.  Until then, see ya later…

Free And Low Cost Ways To Huge Web Traffic!

The Internet – The Most Inexpensive Business In The World!

Ever thought about starting a business only to abandon the idea because of a lack of finances? Well, your penny-saving days have come to an end thanks to the Internet’s way of getting customers!

Welcome To “Free And Low Cost Ways To
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In this book, you will learn about 5 essential techniques that you can use to greatly boost your website’s traffic without spending your life savings on expensive ‘traffic generation’ software or even paid traffic! Continue reading

Steps to Publishing Success

Steps to Publishing Success

Even if your best friend owns a top publishing company, giving you an immediate “in,” this does not guarantee publishing success.

First, you have to write a quality book that has a clear target audience. And your book must answer a common problem or need that audience shares. Then you have to develop a marketing plan, and stick to it for at least two years.

Let’s begin with the process that should commence before you write your first word. Begin by reading A LOT. Read both books you passionately love and books you can’t seem to make it past page five. Then figure out what the author did in the book you loved, and what was wrong with in the book you couldn’t finish. Write down these points so they are crystal clear to you. Read other people’s books for inspiration and to discover what you should avoid as a writer. Continue reading