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Blog Boosters Crash Course Post 2 of 5

It’s time for your second lesson in the Easy Blog Boosters Crash Course. I hope you
found lesson one informative and learn a few things that will help you get more traffic to your blog. In this lesson, we are going over some simple tricks that will help you write killer blog posts faster.

As we discussed in your last lesson, a good blog needs high quality, interesting and fresh content to keep visitors interested and coming back for more. In theory, updating your blog may sound easy enough. However, it can be a time consuming and often-daunting task, which is why there are so many abandoned blogs floating around the internet.

If you want your blog to be popular and profitable you have to plan ahead and a great place to start is by setting up a blog calendar or schedule for writing and posting to your blog. This will help keep you on track as you write and help eliminate distractions.

As you create your schedule, make sure that it is conducive to your personal routines and preferences. Otherwise, it will be too hard to follow. For instance if you prefer writing early in the morning make sure your schedule reflects that. The idea is to choose a time when you are most likely to be creative.

You also want to get rid of any possible distractions so log out Twitter and Facebook. Turn the ringer off on your phone and shut down your email, close Skype and any other interruptive applications before you start.

Only open the tabs you will be using for your research and close all the others to avoid wasting time. You need to be focused when writing to avoid wasting your time and to allow your creative juices to flow.

Another tip that may sound strange to you is turning off spell checker. I know it seems crazy but it can and will help you avoid wasting time, because you can write your blog post without pausing to make corrections or to edit. Finish the entire post and then go back to correct the grammar and spelling mistakes. Doing this will help you to write faster as you will not be worried about the mistakes.

Before you start, writing takes some time and gather all the information and essentials you’ll need when you’re writing. Whether it’s a glass of water, cup of coffee or your favorite snack get it before you sit down. It’s also a good idea to conduct any research necessary to get the job done that way you can write without stopping to look something up or to check on certain facts.

Lastly, start with an outline. Just like an article, a good blog post should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. If you take the time to write down the main points of your post, before you begin writing, you will be able to complete the task much faster by simply filling in the details. You should also break your post up into readable chunks by incorporating and attractive heading and subheadings.

Once you are done writing your blog, turn on the spell checker and go through your work correcting all the grammar and spelling mistakes. Read the post and edit it as necessary to ensure that the ideas flow and that the blog post is flawless. By using these simple tricks not only will you be able to write faster it will help ensure you are able to stick to your schedule and write great blog posts that will bring in more visitors for your blog.

That is it for today’s lesson. In your next lesson, we will be talking about the wonderful benefits of networking with other bloggers.

In the meantime, go check out our ebook learning store by clicking this link!

Have a great day and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Blog Boosters Crash Course Post 1 of 5

Welcome to the first lesson in the Easy Blog Boosters Crash Course. Over the next few days, you will receive several lessons that will help you learn simple tips and techniques that you can use to boost traffic, views and profits for your blog.

In this first lesson, we are going to talk a little about some of the best ways you can get in more traffic to your blog because without it there will be nobody to read all of the awesome content and offers you post.

In order to attract enough traffic to see any real results, you have to come up with a long-term plan that will not only bring in traffic but also ensure that it’s a consistent and continuous flow of targeted visitors.

The first method we are going to discuss is social networking which is extremely popular right now. This method includes the integration of both the social media and social bookmarking sites. To benefit from social media, it’s a good idea to have accounts dedicated to your blog on the top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

The reason why this is so important is that, you can easily share your blog posts on these accounts and if your followers like the content, they may end up sharing and recommending them to their friends and followers. This helps spread your content and increase the amount of traffic your blog receives. The same applies to the social bookmarking sites likeDigg, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

To help expand on this method you can take part in discussion forums, respond to all of your readers’ comments, and always include a link to your blog in your email signature,
posts and responses.

The next strategy we are going to discuss is the importance of posting high quality and relevant content. The main reason why people visit your blog is for the content so when it comes to having a successful and profitable blog content is everything.

The trick is to make it captivating enough so that your visitors want to keep reading and coming back for more. When you are creating content it’s important to focus on writing headlines that grab the attention of your visitors so they want to know more and then follow it up with quality content that delivers exactly what the headline promised.

Also, make sure that the content is easy to read; up to date and that, you are posting regularly. This will help keep your visitors engaged and also have SEO (search engine optimization) benefits. As you are creating your content it is a good idea to think about the keywords and phrases you want to target and weave them into your headlines and content where appropriate. Just don’t go overboard. You don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your content for just for the sake of more keyword usage.

Another tip, when including pictures, name them properly (with keywords in mind) so that, when someone is searching for images, yours will show up in the listings hopefully at the top.

The last strategy we are going to discuss in this lesson is often ignored by bloggers but it has the ability to drive large amounts of traffic to your blog when used correctly. You may be surprised to know that you can get a lot of online visitors by promoting your blog through offline advertising. This technique involves including an easy to remember link to your blog on business cards, flyers and pamphlets. It can also include posting ads in your local newspaper, trade journals and magazines that your target audience would be likely to read.

If you want to get fancy, you can purchase some airtime on your favorite radio station, which isn’t as expensive as you may think. In fact, if you can entice them to interview you about your business you can get a ton of free exposure. One of the best ways to score interviews is by writing and submitting press releases. Just make sure they are news worthy and enticing.

Telling your friends, family and colleagues about your blog is always a good idea. You can also taking part in blogging conferences, networking events and if you can swing it opt to be a sponsor, which will get you and your blog even more attention. While these offline techniques may seem a little old-fashioned they still work and have the potential to bring in a lot of visitors that may not have found you otherwise.

We have a lot to go over in the next few days if you want to learn how to boost traffic, views and profits for your blog, so make sure you look for your next lesson soon. We will be going over some simple tricks that will help you write your blog posts faster.

Talk at ya soon!

Post Last Let’s Talk Affiliates

In the last post we talked about going over some of
the benefits of business to business marketing.
In this post we are going to talk about whether or not you
should pay an affiliate to promote your product.

Many product owners wonder whether they should pay an affiliate
to promote their product. While I think the answer is generally yes,
there are exceptions to when you want to pay an affiliate.

You can only get so many people to come to your website on your
own. Your pay per click resources are limited and you can only
write so many articles and create so many back links before your
time is exhausted. If you have an army of affiliates promoting your
product, you simply will be able to make more sales. If your
affiliates aren’t poaching off of the sales you would make yourself,
paying affiliates to market your product is a no brainer.

If you were selling chocolate chip cookies, each additional dozen
cookies would cost you money to produce. But digital products
are different. It costs you almost the same amount of money to
produce one product as it does to produce a million. Therefore,
why wouldn’t you want to pick up low hanging fruit by paying
affiliates to promote your product?

Additionally, once you get a customer, you can sell to him or her
for life. If you have structured your product line correctly, you can
pay an affiliate 75 percent of the original purchase price, but
continue to market to that customer for the rest of his life without
paying the affiliate any additional money.

Affiliate marketers are very good at their area of specialization or
they wash out quickly. Some are experts at pay per click and
know how to deliver traffic to your site that converts. Others put in
the time to write articles that pre-sell customers on your product
before they ever land on your page. Video marketing, forum
marketing, and classified ads are other specialties of affiliate

So, are there times when it doesn’t make sense to pay affiliate
marketers? Yes, there are.

If you are only going to sell 100 of an item and you have 1,000
responsive people on your personal email list, you will probably
not want to pay affiliates. When you can sell out the subscription
yourself, there is no need to split the proceeds.

Another time when you may want to consider not using affiliates is
when you want to control how the product is marketed. When you
open the product up to affiliate marketers, you lose control of the
advertising process. Marketers could spam safe lists or classified
sites and give your product a bad name.

Most product owners, however, find that the benefits outweigh the
down sides of paying affiliates.

Clickbank is the most popular way to set up an affiliate program
for digital products. PayDotCom tried to give Clickbank a run for
its money, but hasn’t taken off as well as the promoters hoped.
You can also set up a script to run an affiliate program. The $7
script and Rapid Action Profits are two scripts which let you pay

Make sure you look for your next post soon.  We will be switching up on the subject and going to discuss other related subjects for a change of pace…  It might just be every other day or three.. we’ll see…

Best of luck with your ventures,