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  • Bravenet.com: Free web hosting with decent bandwidth and storage, plus loads of free features. Also offers paid sites with free domain names and more storage and bandwidth. HTML-free.

  • Yahoo! Geocities: Similar to Bravenet; offers free and paid hosting packages, tons of tools, and no HTML required.


  • HostGator: Plans start at $10.95/month. Options for domain names; no HTML required.

I signed up for a web site. Now what?

What are the components of a successful autoresponder-driven web site? Following is a guide for creating an integrated web site that is fully functional, easy to use, and most important: sells your product.

  • The Landing Page. This is the “front page” of your web site; the one visitors surfing the internet will open when they click on your link in a search engine. Basically, it will take the form of a sales letter. The main purpose of the landing page is to get subscribers for your opt-in list—focus more on what visitors can get for free, rather than what they can buy. The buying persuasion belongs in your autoresponder series.

  • The Product Page. This is the page you will link to from within your autoresponder messages, from which people will actually purchase your product through a shopping cart system or PayPal link. Depending on the type of web site host you choose, you may have a shopping cart system integrated into the page. The product page can contain testimonials, cover graphics, and/or “teasers” about the benefits of purchasing your product.

  • The Resource Page. By creating a page where visitors can find useful, free, and frequently updated information, you will increase repeat traffic and inbound links (this is when other people visit your site and decide it’s so cool, they have to put a link up to it from theirs. Inbound links are a powerful way to increase your search engine ranking). This is the place to provide any articles written by you or other experts (with their permission, of course) relating to your topic.

  • On every page. Be sure to place an opt-in subscription box or e-mail address link to your autoresponder on every page of your web site, in a prominent position. Also, provide a link to your product page from the other pages. Be consistent, honest, and direct with all your web site content.

Mystified? Visit these examples of successful autoresponder web sites to get an idea of how your site should look:

  • Instant Internet Profits: One of internet marketing giant Yanik Silver’s many successful autoresponder-based programs.

  • Treasure Chest Connections: An example of a free e-book giveaway plus the use of an autoresponder to deliver a regular newsletter.

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